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Presidential candidate Dhanushé Nerudova won two million crowns on Wednesday. The donor is a company that operates fashion stores in the Czech Republic and a branch of Hamleys, the oldest toy store in the world. For Neruda, this is the highest campaign donation she has ever received.

Danusa Nerdova spokesperson Szczepan Neubauer said, “We are delighted with each donation. It doesn’t matter how big it is. In the end, small donations outweigh the big ones.” I know it will happen,” he said.

So far, the greatest contribution to the former rector of Mandela University in Brno has come, for example, from Inexad, a company that operates a Hamleys toy store and several fashion stores in the Czech Republic. “My entire company is run by women, so I wanted to support female candidates. He also supported Nerudova because, according to him, Nerudova does not have a “billionaire background.”

“This is not a small amount for her, given what she needs for the campaign. But from our perspective, this is not a very large contribution,” the Neruda Campaign. “If I have to contribute to someone, I do what I can,” added Čmelík.

However, Nerudová has nothing to do with the company or its owners. “Danushé is not personally familiar with the company Inexad. The only contact between her team and company representatives was getting to know each other and exchanging business cards,” she said. says Neubauer.

According to him, Nerudova plans to use the $2 million donation in the presidential campaign. “We plan our budget in advance and a donation of this size only helps us stick to our plan,” Neubauer said. So far, he says, Neruda has managed to raise more money than they expected.

Danushe Nerudova has also received other significant donations for past presidential campaigns. In July, she received about $500,000 from medical entrepreneur and owner of her Profimed Alexandra Kaly.

In June, Nerudová received another 500,000 crowns from IT entrepreneur Jiří Hlavenka, who invested in ticket search engine Kiwi.com. Another one of her June donations, her million crowns, came from Diana Radl Rogerová, manager at audit firm Deloitte.

Nerudová has already amassed around 3.2 million crowns in his account while using around 950,000. Billionaire Karel Janeczek has spent his largest campaign to date, and he has already surpassed 6.5 million crowns. However, he funds the campaign himself.

Retired Field Marshal Petr Pavel collected 5.9 million crowns, of which he spent 1.9 million. The union leader, Josef Stochedula, has yet to use a single crown from a transparent account that has collected 158,000 crowns. Senator Marek Hilther said that approximately he collected 470,000 crowns and used 370,000 crowns.

Participants in the first round of the presidential election can invest a total of 40,000,000 crowns in the campaign, and an additional 10,000,000 crowns if they advance to the second round. Election costs are counted from the Election Day Announcement in early July.

According to the latest median poll, Nerudova would win 7.5 percent of the vote if elections were held now. In the first ballot Babis won with his 25.5% of the vote, and in the second he won with 21% of the vote Pablo. Like Nerudova, Hirsche is on the same page, followed by Josef Stjedula, Pavel Fischer, Miroslava Niemkova and Karel Janeczek.

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