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A court last year sentenced Jizzy Dvořák of Prague to life in prison for shooting an employee in a hiring office, dousing acid on a former colleague and planting a firearm in an apartment landlady. The verdict that Dvorak took revenge on a woman for alleged atrocities is not final. She asked both the man and the prosecutor for the harshest punishment, and Dvorak gave her time to consider whether to appeal.

Kamil Kidarka, President of the Senate of the Prague City Court, said in justifying the verdict: “In my 25 years in the judiciary, I have never experienced anything so appalling and disgusting. “The motive is so horrible and reprehensible that I cannot accept it. That someone can take revenge in such a way,” he continued. In our opinion, the defendant should be permanently barred from mainstream society,” he added.

According to the ruling, Dvořák got there by trickery last June when he shot an employee of the labor office in Vinohrady, Prague, in the abdomen. The mother of two children denied him unemployment benefits in 2016 and has since removed him from a list of job seekers.

“He considered it. He was prepared for it. We took revenge on the facts.No, no one in this company would behave like this,” he stressed the judge. That didn’t happen in the Old West,” he added.

Days before the murder, Dvorak accused a former colleague of using sulfuric acid and losing his job. After the woman had a seizure, she had to spend several weeks in a burn clinic. According to her indictment, just because she managed to turn her back on the man didn’t make things worse.

Police then searched Dvorak at Riven’s apartment. They find the residence vandalized and a swastika scrawled on it. One of his police officers present was slightly injured by the improvised device. According to the indictment, she was placed against her head and neck by the landlady of the apartment complex.

During the main trial, the judge took Dvořák out of court three times for swearing, yelling, and other expressions. When he gave him the chance to speak, the man said one thing: “Making a closing argument in this court is like throwing pearls to pigs.”

According to prosecutors, former aircraft designer Dvořák had been preparing for action for a long time and had already purchased a gun in November 2015 after his retirement. He was then ordered by the court to move out of his Liben apartment, where he stopped paying his rent. He also received a 10-month suspended sentence for extortion and defamation.

Then, in June 2021, the court notified him of a session in which this sentence was changed to unconditional imprisonment. That is why, according to the indictment, Dvorak decided to take revenge on everyone who wronged him.

Police arrested the shooter in central Prague hours after the office worker’s murder. They later said Dvorak confessed to the crime. In his car, police also found a shotgun made from plumbing pipe.

In the Czech Republic, 40 people are serving life sentences. In Prague, for example, in 2014 the court sentenced him to David Virgulák for the murder of his three taxi drivers.

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