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A male gorilla, Kisumu, arrived at the Prague Zoo from Austria on Saturday night. Zoo director Miroslav Bobek made the announcement on Twitter on Saturday. Earlier information from the zoo said Kisumu will be in control of the gorilla’s continued breeding.

Prague Zoo announced in July that Kisumu and female Duni will expand the zoo’s gorilla group. She is the daughter of the famous Moja who became the first baby gorilla born in the Czech Republic in 2004.

“Kisumu is in Prague! At 1:05 am he ran out of shipping boxes behind the new Gorilla Pavilion,” Bobek wrote on Twitter. According to today’s press release from the Prague Gardens, the upper where Kisumu has lived so far, the trip from Schmiding Zoo in Austria took him five hours.The woman, Duni, will arrive in Prague from Spain next week, Bobek said on his Facebook page on Tuesday. pageDuni arrives in a CASA military plane.

Kisumu was born on May 27, 1997 at Munich’s Hellabrunn Zoo and was raised by her parents Sonya and Letutu. He then moved to Schmiding’s youth group in 2004. In Prague, Kisumu will be the main male of the new gorilla his pavilion the zoo has built, according to an earlier statement by the zoo director. “This is double good news. Kisumu’s arrival will allow the group to have more children. With Duni, our famous Moja story continues in Prague. Duni is her only daughter. is,” Bobek said in July.

The new Gorilla Pavilion – Dja Reserve – will be inaugurated on September 28th. Already at the beginning of June he had a group of gorillas at the Prague Zoo divided into his two exhibits. The females Sinda, Kijib and Kamba and the youngest male Ajab move to the new exhibit and are joined by Duni and Kisumu. However, in the days to weeks after that, Kisumu will be separated from Prague females and Ajabua, according to the zoo. In the original pavilion in the lowest part of the garden, the man Richard was with his sons Kibri and Nur.

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