A remastered version of the adventure game Polda 2. Coming. The modified version is aimed at crowdfunding – Lupa.cz

cop 2Author: Winter Program

Zima Software is preparing a modified version of the second part of the adventure game Polda. for these purposes HitHit crowdfunding campaign launched. The authors want to collect at least 600,000 crowns. Other parameters have also been identified.

“Since the sequel to the series was created over 20 years ago, we decided to put it on a new coat and recreate it in contemporary graphics. The original Polda 2 was created in 640 x 480 resolution. We would like to rework Polda 2 in 4K wide-angle resolution,” Zima Software Scheme.

What a remastered Polda 2 could look like is illustrated in the latest version released recently. Polda 7 also included a short remade clip from Part Two, and it sounded pretty good. Zima Software also provided the first screenshots.

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