AfD politician forgot he had his microphone on. He said he wanted a gas crisis |

The impact of the gas crisis in Germany should be as great as possible. Otherwise nothing will change. This is the wish of Alternative for Germany (AfD) parliamentarian Harald Weyel, who said it in a confidential conversation with two party members on the sidelines of Tuesday’s party debate. I didn’t know it was on.

Media and politicians now point to Weyer revealing the AfD’s true intentions. Weyel told his Stern magazine that his statement was misunderstood. In Germany, the AfD is often called populist or far-right, so in parliament some refuse to cooperate with the AfD.

The AfD broadcast the debate via the TikTok social network. Even after the public part ended, the transmission did not end immediately, and the microphone remained on. For now, AfD regional politician Helmut Waniczek says the energy crisis could be dramatic in the winter given the current situation. To this, Wyell replied that such a development would be good.

“I have to say it hopefully,” Wyell said of the bad things that can happen in winter. “If it’s not dramatic enough, it’s going to be business as usual,” he said. , AfD lawmaker Reiner Kraft, seated next to him, appeared to be about to refute such a comment, but was interrupted by Waniczek. You don’t need it.

In particular, Johannes Steiniger, a member of the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU), drew attention to a secret conversation in which he commented on Twitter that the AfD foolishly left the microphone on. “Harald Weyer has heard that he hopes the situation will be dramatic in the winter. The AfD is showing an unpatriotic face again,” he wrote.

“These are the moments that every politician dreads, and the moments that every citizen who desires more integrity in politics longs for. moment,” the t-online news portal wrote of Weier’s mistake. .

However, Wyell himself refuses to make such comments. He told Stern magazine that the crisis will only get worse and will eventually force responsible politicians to take the necessary steps. I also said no.

The AfD has already experienced similar scandals in the past. In 2020, then-Communist Party spokesman Christian Lüth said the worse Germany was, the better for the AfD. When it went public, the party parted ways with Lieut.

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