Almost all the colors of Elizabeth II. She never wears a single shade, expresses her opinions with a pin | a woman. cz

She came of age during World War II, and the state of the nation is often reflected in the models in which she appeared in public as a young princess. For example, the wedding dress worn by the future queen Queen Elizabeth II. Worn on her big day on November 20, 1947, it was made from the satin she had bought from ration cards at the time.

Models of the Queen, who ruled Britain for 70 years, have become a secret way to communicate with the world – from the choice of diplomatic color to jewelry, always carefully chosen in relation to the date or event attended.

Queen Elizabeth II’s wardrobe. She was defined by the basic elements, which became a constant throughout her reign – it couldn’t be a black handbag, top-notch pumps or moccasins, and a brooch with a missing stud. Her penchant for bold, beret-matched colours, ensures that one of the world’s most respected women will always stand out from the crowd.

Her early years on the throne were fashionably shaped by leading British designers – Norman Hartnell and Hardy Ames. Since 1994, Angela Kelly has taken on this role. “She has to stand out in front of people so they can say, ‘We’ve seen the Queen,'” Sophie, the wife of the Queen’s son, Sophie, Countess of Wessex, said in the documentary The Queen at age 90. the queen herself announced, he will not wear one color. “I will never wear beige, because then no one will know who I am,” she said.

Look at the constellation of colorful dresses worn by Elizabeth II. Took in recent years.


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