Anal jewelry and thongs. Financial Services Agency Auctions Erotic Auxiliaries For Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars.

The Czech Republic’s financial authority will launch a two-day online auction on Monday for a series of erotic aids. The institution itself made the announcement on its official Facebook page. Tools are only available for bulk purchase and the auction starts at 144,630 crowns.

The Czech Republic’s Monetary Authority pointed out in an explanation that “although auction items are auctioned in sets, some items do not include CE certification”. The goods have acquired the customs status of goods in the European Union, as they have been released into free circulation by the customs administrator.

Dozens of items are available, including anal jewelry with tails, Venus balls, enemas, and belts. According to the administration, the established price for the entire set reaches 433,890 crowns.

Users of the social network Facebook react to this management proposal with considerable amuse. “I would like to point out the fact that enema is hard…like hard Y…otherwise it’s a great offer.Finally financial administration is really doing something for people.” User.The administrator of the official profile responded to his comment by assuring his office colleague to point out the grammatical error.

At the same time, the administrator of the post guarantees that the erotic aids for auction are new, i.e. unused, according to the user’s suggestion.

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