ANO and SPD in the House of Representatives blocked the approval of the Agency for Digital and Information –

House of Representatives - illustrative imageAuthor: Parliament

The approval of the Digital and Information Agency (DIA) that aAccording to the ideas of the Deputy Prime Minister for Digital Affairs Ivan Bartosz It is supposed to become a major tool for changes in the information technology of the state, and it has not yet been passed in the House of Representatives. Government parties wanted Necessary laws impose quickly. But this was prevented by the opposition parties ANO and SPD. Even the first round of negotiations was not completed. The DIA discussion will continue in the coming days.

There were numerous criticisms from the ANO, and there was a proposal to bring the amendment back to the government for review. Moreover, the shape of the agency or unclear relationships with the Ministry of Interior is a problem.

The DIA is supposed to be the central body for public administration, for example, the SAO and other authorities. If approved, it should run from next year. The agency is supposed to get basic records or e-government departments from the inside. It will also get 168 new jobs and 187 other jobs from within.


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