Are you on your mobile from morning to evening? A new study warns that you will age faster a woman. cz

“Excessive exposure to blue light from phones, computers and television can have harmful effects on a wide range of cells in our bodies. From skin and fat cells to sensory neurons,” says the co-author. studies From August Jadwiga Giebultowiczová v press release.

Added Gibeltovic, who is a professor of integration biology at the University of Oregon. “And because humans and fruit flies are similar on a cellular level—they have the same chemicals in their cells—the negative effects could also apply to humans,” he explains.

Like gasoline that does not enter the car

To find out how blue light affects aging, she and her team compared the metabolic levels of insects exposed to blue light for two weeks. She discovered that the fruit-lover’s cells were not working as they should, which could lead to early death.

Specifically, they examined cells in the insect’s brain and found that the level of one metabolite (succinate) increased, while the level of glutamate decreased. “Succinate is necessary to make the fuel that makes every cell function and grow. The high level of succinate after exposure to blue light can be compared to gasoline in the pump but not entering the car,” explains Giboltovic.

The brain is not working as it should

Another worrying finding is that molecules responsible for communication between neurons, such as glutamate, were at lower levels after exposure to blue light. “Low levels of glutamate can lead to decreased brain function, which can cause premature aging,” says Giboltovic.

The next step in the research will be to study the effect of blue light on human cells. “We used strong blue light on fruit flies. Humans are exposed to less intense radiation, so cell damage may be less severe. But the results of this study suggest that human cells will show similar changes. The conclusion is that avoiding excessive blue light is a good anti-aging strategy.”

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