As in MMA. Schoolchildren learned from soldiers how to strike and how to save their loved ones

Boys and girls hit the boxing bumpers, boxing lap targets with full force. Passionately some for life. And with phrases like: “It’s like in MMA!” , referring to the ruthless full-contact combat sport that wrestlers practice today.

Mi-24 helicopter during a test demonstration.

The twilight of Russian helicopters in the Czech Republic. More modern machines are coming from USA

Czech soldiers also pass the warrior’s path. At least in melee training, based on Musado System training. “Historically, it has been based on Korean techniques. Among the martial arts, it is very similar to traditional Japanese jiu-jitsu,” Lenhart agrees with his colleague.

School children are shown how to disarm an enemy attacker. However, for the untrained, they have other tips on how best to defend yourself in a crisis situation. “As our master says, stand at a safe distance and then curse her,” they joke.

The course focuses on crisis situations and is attended by journalists and humanitarian workers.

Surviving Journalists: Training full of fire, interrogations and all-day walks

Right away, they add more seriously that avoiding danger is important. Defending yourself against a group of thugs is not as easy as in the superhero stories. “The lesson for the layman is called USB, as in connecting to a computer. In case of danger, if you can escape, or hide, and if there is no other way, fight with all your might,” describes Leinhart. He stated that he notices physical and motor improvement in school children. “Before, the curve used to go down a lot, now it’s like it’s going upward. They struggle during exercise.”

Six-year-old Milan is funnier in the mornings in the middle of the week by checking out the nearby armed vehicles. “In the cabin I turned on the machine gun in the open air. It’s nice, better than sitting on a bench,” he laughs. Pandur or Dingo armored personnel carriers equipped with machine guns are an accompanying part of the event.

Do you shoot like Poland? number

While Czech schoolchildren get their hands on models of weapons, in neighboring Poland they go even further in their current military education. In the new curriculum, eighth graders, high school and vocational students receive theoretical and practical instruction in archery. Air and ball weapons. Schools are obligated to establish their own shooting ranges within two years.

The principal of the Lydnes Primary School, Stanislav Straskrapa, praised the soldiers’ programme. “In the school curriculum we have elements of military education – theory. However, these practical demonstrations with experts are more interesting for the pupils. They get involved. We will be glad if the soldiers come back to us after a while. ” However, according to him, the possible intensification of military education could mean a loss of attractiveness for children. “The time for regular testing of gas masks is over. But if it comes down to that, I think kids are able to learn very quickly.”

It is the practice of using a chemical suit and a protective mask that school children clearly enjoy in the classroom. Not when they’re in adult suits. They are very similar to vineyard scarecrows, of which there are many in the wine region, to scare away hungry starlings. When it comes to first aid, they discover that it is not an easy task. “The fact that a soldier in uniform stands in front of children and shows them how to save a friend’s life or how to act in the event of a natural disaster definitely has a different weight than if anyone else is trying to do it,” says Daniela Holzelova, a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defense, who stands Behind Project POKOS. In South Moravia with the Veskov Military Academy and the Regional Military Command in Brno.

survival cycle.  In specialized courses under the guidance of experienced trainers, you can test whether you can survive in the wild and abandon your usual comfort.

Survival of civilians in war is practiced without cell phones and cigarettes and in the wet

At other stations, children get information from veterans of foreign expeditions, try an obstacle course, learn to navigate unfamiliar terrain or properly administer first aid. “The main task is to familiarize children with the obligations that arise from us as citizens of the Czech Republic in relation to the defense of the state. The legal obligation of citizens to defend their homeland has not disappeared even with the professionalization of our army,” Holzelova states.

Military experts also taught students how to help the military in emergency situations, such as Covid disease, fires, floods or hurricanes. As with South Moravia one of June last year.

Each year, the Ministry of Defense organizes two educational events for primary and secondary schools in each region. In addition, individual regional military headquarters visit about a dozen elementary schools and organize events for the public. “This year, we are in the pilot phase of this expansion of preparing citizens for state defense,” Holzelova added.


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