As noted by BIS, Babiš’ advisers notified Nejedlé. Information could end in Russia.



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In the middle of last summer, the Security Intelligence Service informed then-Prime Minister Andrei Babis (ANO) that one of his closest advisers at the time, Marek Hanch, was in intensive contact with presidential adviser Martin Nejedry. , warned that it was passing on information. to him about what the Prime Minister and his team were dealing with. Deník N informed about it on Thursday.

The report also contained evidence of contact between the two men. In addition, according to sources, Babis learned from counterintelligence that Nejedry was suspected of passing on information obtained from Marco Hanch to Russia. When Babish found out about it, he considered it a betrayal, according to those around him.

According to sources, reports Diary N Hanch said he also spoke with Nejedry about the serious political issues Babis was dealing with at the time. to the Czech Republic.

Nejedlý and Hanč began communicating in 2020, according to information from the Security Information Service. Over time, their relationship deepened and Nejedlý gradually obtained information from his Hanč regarding the Chancellor’s closeness. Hanč and Nejedlý’s relationship was also deepened by the fact that their partners knew each other. The Prime Minister had information about several meetings between Hanch and Nejedry, but did not know how often they met or what they discussed.

Marek Hanč is a PR consultant and political marketing expert. He started with Prague ODS and later advised Prague Mayor Adriana Krnáčová (then ANO). He gradually rose to become one of Andrei Babisu’s chief advisors. During the covid pandemic he also advised the Minister of Health. After last year’s election, Hanch quit his job at Babis and became co-owner of the PR agency Hero & Outlaw.

The former prime minister publicly denounced and criticized those around the head of state. This includes Nejedry’s advisors, who have above-average contacts in Russia. Before the 2018 presidential election, he even called on his Zeman to remove his Nejedlý. For this reason, Babis tried to avoid contact with the president’s entourage for a long time. For example, formal contact with Minnersh was made only by the head of government, Tunde Barta.


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