At the time of the Director of Intelligence’s case, there was no control over the service. The last time Babish wanted Zeman’s man |

Towards the end of his term, Andrej Babis’ previous administration (ANO) sought to form a team to manage Secret Service operations. She was ready to appoint either Vaclav Pelican, the legislative head of Zeman’s presidential office, or Cyril Svoboda, an adviser to Babis at the time. She withdrew her plans after public criticism of the appointment.

Intelligence chief Petr Mleinek appeared before lawmakers twice on Thursday afternoon. It was first heard by members of the Security Committee. This was followed by his attendance at the Management Board of the Foreign Intelligence Service, as the intelligence service is officially called. A representative questioned him about his questionable business contacts.

Like intelligence agencies, the Security Intelligence Service (BIS) and military intelligence agencies are also subject to scrutiny by House committees. But this is symbolic surveillance. Agents rely on information that the relevant Secret Service director is willing to share with them.

Practical supervision is ensured by the Independent Management Body of the Czech Republic Intelligence Service. The law guarantees him the possibility of requesting from his service Secret any documents he deems fit for inspection. He is allowed to familiarize himself with the details of intelligence operations. However, such an agency still exists only on paper and is unstaffed even during the matter of the Chief of Intelligence.

it doesn’t have to be this year

“The government’s task is to propose suitable candidates to the House of Commons. Measures are continually being taken to acquire and gather a sufficient number of candidates to carry out this task.” Aktuálně .cz. The government promised this in its program statement. Smolka confirmed that the Cabinet wants to comply with this point.

At a time when Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has led to a deteriorating security situation, a slight increase in illegal immigration and heightened social tensions, we can expect increased Secret Service activity. In such circumstances, there is no authority to oversee its legal purity. Aktuálně.cz sources say it is unclear whether the government will fill the management team this year.

The agency should devote itself in detail and depth to the question, “This agency should answer whether a particular intelligence service is fulfilling its established purpose, whether there is no other agenda and is not in violation of the law.” . BIS’s Jizi Ržek told Aktuálně.cz that the Czech law has been expected for four and a half years.

Jan Paďourek, former Intelligence Service Deputy Analyst, agrees. He reminds us that similar commissions operate in the West. “The agency would actually do a factual review. That’s fine. That kind of intelligence review is appropriate.”

Aggressive Methods of Intelligence Agencies

Intelligence services are an integral part of the Czech Republic’s security services. They do not have the power to suppress citizens like the police do, but they do their job through invasive methods such as surveillance and eavesdropping. Therefore, there is consensus that this form of state power requires strict oversight.

Commissions of this type randomly exist in the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, or the United States. The details are different, but the meaning is the same. Checks whether intelligence agencies have illegally “invaded” the basic citizenship of residents of a particular country.

“Because existing parliamentary controls were inadequate, there was a consensus about the need for bodies with those who had access to service documents that parliamentary committees do not have access to today, based on continuous and accurate quotas. ’ said Pavel. Jacek, chairman of the parliamentary security committee, told Aktuálně.cz:

Supreme prosecutor can intervene

Control has limits. The Secret Service may refuse to share information that could lead to disclosure of the identity of informants, endanger the lives of persons of interest, or interfere with ongoing operations. However, the right of the head of the service to keep knowledge of live action to himself is restricted, and its nondisclosure requires the Prime Minister’s signature.

Former Director of Military Intelligence and Security Intelligence Services, Jizzy Rujiek.

Former Director of Military Intelligence and Security Intelligence Services, Jizzy Rujiek. | | Photo: Aktuálně.cz

The independent management of the Czech Republic’s intelligence services cannot act of its own free will. He can only initiate a review if he receives the initiative from one of the three aforementioned parliamentary committees. It is also the duty of the authorities to notify the director of the service concerned about the commencement of supervision.

A final report is issued from the inspection. If the Commission finds unacceptable violations of human rights or other violations of law by reporters, it will notify the Prime Minister, the Minister in charge and the heads of certain services. At the same time, it imposes on them to take measures to prevent the recurrence of illegal overages. In case of crime, he gives the initiative to the Supreme Prosecutor.

Babish wanted a state government employee

“They should be aware of the relationship between the intelligence community and the legal system, and they should be able to navigate the issue. It is important that their statement that they have done so is credible,” he said, referring to the former director of BIS Ruzek as an ideal candidate. is supposed to have

Last May, Aktuálně.cz highlighted the candidate chosen by the then government of Andrei Babis. They are not independent figures, but representatives of state power, such as Heinek Peicha, head of security at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jizi Novacek, deputy head of internal security, and Vaclav Pelican, head of the legislative branch of President Milos Zeman. was. Divisions that have repeatedly taken hostile actions against BIS.

“This is a very strange notion of independence. The highest person is a high-ranking civil servant, an adviser to the current and former prime minister. We set up a department to oversee the actual cases,” commented on the findings of then-lawyer Jan Kysela’s Aktuálně.cz.

Nominations are submitted by the government to the House of Representatives for approval. After public criticism, Babis’ cabinet withdrew from the names mentioned. They no longer need legal education. All they have to do is be over 40 and have top secret clearance. will become clear.

The Case Surrounding the Director of Intelligence

Diplomatic Intelligence Director Petr Mleinek should have won the trust of lawmakers with Thursday’s performance. He more or less passed. Neither the Commission nor the Commission sought his removal. However, Aktuálně.cz said that three of his managers at his Techniserv company, who had worked as departmental directors before Mlejnek joined the service, faced legal sanctions for corruption this year. pointed out before the appointment.

Headquarters of the Diplomatic Intelligence Service in Kobilisi, Prague.

Headquarters of the Diplomatic Intelligence Service in Kobilisi, Prague. | | Photo: CTK

Last week, Seznam Zpráva drew attention to Mlejenko’s contact with lobbyist Michal Redl. Aktuálně.cz also revealed a connection between Mlejnek and his Luďek Vokále, a former police officer. Luďek Vokále has been convicted of corruption and leaking information from police files.

Aktuálně.cz also discovered that Vokál is the director of an anti-eavesdropping company in which the wife of primary school teacher Mlejnk has shares. The government and Home Affairs Minister Vit Rakshan (STAN) stand behind intelligence chiefs who attended last week’s cabinet meeting. “No member of the government raised a proposal to dismiss Petr Mlezhenko,” the minister said.

VIDEO: Růžek: The Mlejnek incident could have been prevented.It’s dangerous if he tries to keep his contact information private.

The mistake was that Petr Mlejenko had not previously been scrutinized to the level of top secret. We are not happy right now, says the former reporter. | | Video: Daniela Dortinova

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