Aubameyang’s theft. The attackers threatened him with firearms now

Barcelona striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang was robbed last night. A group of masked gunmen broke into his house and forced him to open the safe. And club representatives confirmed the incident, according to their statement, that the player and his wife are fine.

According to El País newspaper, the four attackers threatened Aubameyang and his wife with firearms and metal bars. The 33-year-old footballer was beaten several times by thieves. They stole the stored gems from the vault.

Aubameyang is the second Barcelona player to be attacked recently. Two weeks ago, star Robert Lewandowski had the unpleasant experience of having his luxury watch stolen from his hand by a thief when he arrived for training.

Gabonese international Aubameyang came to Barcelona at the beginning of this year from Dortmund. He did not participate in Sunday’s duel with Valladolid. The club management listed him among the players they would like to sell elsewhere in order to make room under the salary cap.


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