Aukra owner fell into a loss and signed bonds, sales amounted to 1.6 billion –

Bali Fire CapitalAuthor: Bali Fire Capital

Czech Investment Group Bali Fire Capital Last year, consolidated sales amounted to 1.6 billion crowns, compared to the previous amount of 964 million crowns. The volume of assets grew to 3.8 billion, in the previous year it was 1.4 billion. The group also issued bonds worth 750 million kroner and increased bank financing. The group ended up losing two million people. In the previous year, her earnings were close to 120 million.

Companies Favi, Aukro, TeamIT, Munipolis and Semantic Visions accounted for the largest share of the trading volume. According to the new financial statements, Pale Fire Capital also has high hopes for the insurtech platform Mubi, through which it wants to become number one in the Polish market. Significant projects include Rovi, which focuses on digital indoor cycling training. The main assets still include Aukro and Mobilní rozhlas. PFC also controlled 80 percent of Coweo Technologies. On the contrary, she sold Favi.

“With the new goal of managing assets of at least KR20 billion by 2025, 2021 was a significant year for PFC. From a venture capital firm primarily, it has re-orientated itself to technology private equity with the goal of investing in fast-paced technology companies. growth, giving it a second chance at life, courage, experience and the ability to grow to billions. It has increased its stake in Aukr, and invested in five new companies in the Czech Republic and abroad, including entering Groupon through stock markets,” summarizes Pale Fire Capital.

standing behind the box Jan BartaAnd the Doosan SchenkebelAnd the David Holly And the Peter Krajicek. The history of the PFC includes, for example,

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