Babiš jnójri’s signature to acquire Capího hnízd’s stake is not genuine, experts



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According to calligrapher Aresh Chulik, Babish Junojiri’s signature on the deed to acquire shares in Chapi Hunizd is not genuine. Calligraphers have found similarities to the handwriting of former Prime Minister Andrej Babis (ANO). Judge Jean Schott, who is in charge of the Chapi’s Nest case, does not yet know when or how he will be able to hear the accused former Prime Minister’s son. Babis Jr. was due to remain in Switzerland, but he finally announced he would be arriving in court on Friday.

“The court is not sure. If a witness appears, we will hear him in person. It is better than video conferencing for many procedural reasons,” Schott said on Tuesday. He spoke in the hearing room of the Prague City Court.

Babish Jr. was also initially charged with subsidy fraud during the construction of Chapi’s Nest, but his charges were stopped by prosecutors and other Babish relatives. Babis Jr. has long claimed that he took him to Crimea against his will in 2017 to prevent his father from testifying in a grants lawsuit.

The referee’s program on Tuesday was kicked off by Judge Schott by reading statements from several witnesses he didn’t think the court, prosecutors or defendants’ attorneys needed to hear live. Babish satisfactorily ended the morning’s round of negotiations, demanding that the waiting journalists be asked for his reaction. “Don’t ask when it’s positive!” he joked.

“I am very satisfied because I have heard the testimony of seven witnesses. It is clear from them that the indictment is false. Even told the police: ‘Why am I here?

According to fountain pen expert Aresh Turik, Babish Ginojiri’s signature on the deed to acquire shares in Chapi Hunizd is probably not genuine. He found similarities to the handwriting of former Prime Minister Babis. His second invited expert, scheduled to arrive in the afternoon, is economist Vítězslav Hálek from Českáznalecká.

Among other things, Babish’s wife, Monica, will also be summoned on Wednesday. “She will come, why won’t she come,” ANO, the head of the opposition movement, replied on Tuesday when asked by a journalist if his wife would be present. Summoned Adriana Bovekova, daughter of brother Martin Herodes and Prime Minister’s first marriage. All three previously owned shares of Farma Čapí hnízdo

Jaroslav Faltýnek, former president of the ANO parliamentary club, is also due to testify on Wednesday, while former Central Bohemian Governor Petr Bendl (ODS) is set to begin his testimony on Thursday.

The indictment alleges that Babis, through his influence and activities, fraudulently created conditions for Farma Čapí hnízdo váiné to meet the requirements to obtain European subsidies for small and medium enterprises. According to prosecutors, he knew the company was linked to his holding of an agrofert company.In February, Jana Nagyová, deputy chairman of the board of Farma Čapíhnízdo, filed a contract with her for the construction of the parliamentary area. submitted and successfully applied for a €50 million grant. Both defendants face 5 to 10 years in prison for her.

“What Andrei Babis knew and didn’t know will be the key to the court. The defense and the prosecution are ready. It will depend on what they do.” Video: Daniela Pizarobikova


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