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At the end of the referee’s first week regarding possible subsidy fraud during the construction of Chapi Nizd Plantation, the most anticipated testimony yet was heard. The son of the indicted chairman of the ANO movement, Andrey Babis, testified. Andrej Babiš Jr. refused to sign the transfer of the farm shares to himself. In previous statements to police, he acknowledged such a possibility. The court will consider his further expert investigation.

Andrej Babiš Jr. stood before the court panel as a witness for 74 minutes. He was to reveal key parts of the case. As such, his father faces up to 10 years in prison. Junior was to hold shares in the Chapi Nizd farm. According to the indictment, the transfer of a portion of his stake to Babis Jr. was intentional for his father to cover up that he himself was a key player in the project.

“This is not my signature. Absolutely not,” Babis Jr. said in court when Jan Schott, president of the Senate of the Prague City Court, asked to see his alleged signature on the share transfer. Stated. A judge then presented him with a contract to sell his stake to Martin Herodes, brother of the wife of ANO’s head.”That’s not my handwriting,” his junior noted.

According to his allegations, Babis Jr. did not hold any securities in Chapi Hunizd or any other company. He also emphasized that he has not exercised any shareholder rights. He later told Judge Shotta that he had not seen the contract for the transfer of the farm securities prior to the police interrogation. “I have never dealt with stocks in my life,” he declared.

doubt the credibility

However, Babiš Jr. has admitted to signing about 20 pages of documents at Agrofert headquarters in the past. . In court, however, he did not remember which document it was. Babisch’s lead attorney, Michael Bartonczyk, responded by citing his statement from the police.

“Director Prohazkova called me to sign the papers for the farm. I heard that a farm was being built in Semtin, so I went there,” Barton-Czyk paraphrased his testimony to criminal investigators. . It is in this settlement near He Olbramovice in the Benesovsk region that the Farma Capíhnízd is located.

Uncertain Babish Jr. said there are inaccuracies. According to him, something is always lost between the spoken word and its transcription. “What kind of inaccuracy do you mean, does it matter?” Judge Schott replied. Junior shook his head and said they weren’t, basically agreeing with the quote from his statement to the police.

Thus, he found himself in a situation where investigators and court testimony conflicted. Judge Schott asked him during his interrogation if he was willing to undergo a psychological examination. Junior nodded. The Senate has not yet decided on an expert review, and Babiš Sr.’s defense is in favor. Lawyer Eduardo Bruna said after the meeting: “I doubt the veracity of what he said.

he didn’t see his father’s lawyer

During questioning, Babis Jr. indicated that he kept his distance from his father’s legal representative. He turned to the prosecutor Jaroslav Szaloch’s questions and answered them directly, but did not look at them when asked by lawyers Bartonczyk and Bruna. rice field. Even when they asked him about his relationship with his father.

“My father violated my human rights in 2017. He used an employee with Russian citizenship and a criminal record to kick me out of the Czech Republic,” he said. He had hinted that he spent part of the fall and winter in Crimea, Russia-annexed Ukraine, while investigating subsidy fraud.

Petr Protopopov took him to the Crimea and accompanied him. Police investigated Babis Jr.’s whereabouts on suspicion of smuggling, but the case was postponed. According to her conclusion, Junior stayed there voluntarily. Protopopov is the husband of Dita Protopopova, the doctor involved with Babis Jr., who was diagnosed with mental illness in 2015.

“But I do not agree with this diagnosis, because it was made on the basis of Dr. Protopopova’s erroneous conclusions,” commented the younger Babis in the hall. Judge Schott smiled slightly. However, Jr. confirmed that he was under medical supervision and was still receiving treatment.

“We have nothing to do with the father.”

“My father and I had a normal relationship until 2015. Now there is no relationship, no communication. I have no memory of my father, positive or negative,” he said. But when he arrived at his court, he called his father a coward. In court, lawyer Bruno used this to confront. “To be exact, I would describe him as negative, but I don’t wish him anything bad,” his junior responded to his question.

Babiš Jr. had to sign the share transfer at the turn of 2007-2008. From 2007 until 2010 he lived in America, where he trained to become a pilot. He said he only came home for Christmas. Prosecutors asked him whether he used payment cards in America. Whether he was paying with them when his signature should have appeared on the stock transfer want to know The court should process it within a few days.

On Friday, two more witnesses who worked for the insurance company of the Agrofert-owned company provided evidence. Among them was a hornbill’s nest insurance policy. However, both of them are old, so they don’t remember the details. Shortly before 12:30 am, the main judging ended. The trial will continue until September 26th.

During the course of the trial, Eva Filippova, the former Central Bohemian regional official who managed the implementation of the Chapi’s Nest project and testified on Thursday, will reappear.In the hall, she heard that Andrei Babis was behind the project. Diary N She said, “He may be pleased that I didn’t say more.” Judge Schott decided to summon her again on Friday.

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