Babis plans to build hundreds of apartments in Ljubljana. He started the project right after he lost the election |

Andrej Babiš (ANO) is buying land in the center of Ljubljana to build over 400 apartments. With an estimated €25 million (613 million crowns) deal, the former Czech prime minister will become one of the biggest players in the Slovenian property market, research website reports.

According to Thurber, Babis embarked on a new business project shortly after losing the Czech parliamentary elections last October, and Slovenia, whose government was headed by his close political ally Yanes Janscha at the time, was one of his first targets. was one. Late last year, Babis’ Czech fund Hartenberg invested tens of millions of euros in a partnership with Slovak developer Corwin. Their goal is to buy and develop real estate projects in the area, the portal further said.

The approximately 4 hectares of land are located in the area of ​​the former Kolinska factory near Ljubljana railway station. According to the server, Babiš and Slováci will pay Slovenian businessman Igor Lah more than €25 million without his VAT. Ljubljana’s spatial plan allows up to 464 apartments and 145,000 square meters of commercial space to be built on the land.

In addition to the land above, Corwin and Hartenberg now have three real estate projects in Ljubljana, writes The consortium bought him land in one of them last December for €8 million, based on a contract with a Slovenian state-owned company that manages local bank receivables. At the time, its board was headed by former prime minister Jansi’s longtime lawyer, Franci Matoz. Another piece of land for a Czech-Slovak real estate project in Ljubljana has been sold by state-owned company Triglav for €8.2 million, Thurber added.


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