Baník pod Vrbou never won again, nor did he use the power game against Hradec. Bohemka defeated Brno | Currently

In the seventh round of the Fortuna: League, the Baník Ostrava footballers did not benefit from the power of long play, they only drew 0:0 with Hradec Králové and are now 14th in the table. Olomouc punished the weak opponent by beating Pardubice 2:0. The Bohemians take all points from Brno after winning 2:1.

Leska’s recovery keeper started with Ostrava for the first time this season, and defender Shehak and midfielder Trosa, who came on loan from Pilsen during the week, also got their first chance in Hradec’s squad.

The first half provided the only big chance in the 42nd minute, when goalkeeper Rachel saved Jerry Klima’s header. This was Banek’s first attempt at the match. Ostrava goalkeeper Laštůvka could not have dealt with a more complex situation.

Visitors are the first to threaten even after changing sides. Jiří Klíma, having joined Kuzmanovi, did not even hit Reichl with a ground shot, which was taken out by Králové Hradec goalkeeper.

In the 55th minute, substitute Nowotny pulled the ball from Bocht, who hit the post in the fall, and was sent off after 10 minutes on the field. This was Hradek’s fourth red card in the general league, and only Jablonec players received more – five.

Ostrava created pressure in the power game, but continued to throw away opportunities. Bocta narrowly missed the goal with a cross, and the attentive Rachel managed to catch Kuzmanovic again. He stopped Kralvehradec Banek’s attack and in the end they didn’t let him reach 16.

At the beginning of the preparation, the home team could score a goal, but Laštůvka fired Čihák’s header into the corner from close range.

Kangaroo rolling outside

The 1905 Bohemians won 2:1 in Brno and won after three matches. After David Puskáč’s penalty and Antonín Křapka’s goal, Prague led 2:0 at the end of the first half, and Michal Ševčík reduced the score for the newcomer after the break.

The first half went to the visitors, who had already taken the lead in the third minute. First, Puskas aimed his head at the crossbar, but in the next fight, Indel Hironko missed in the penalty area and Puskas converted the penalty.

Ziznic could equalize in the 18th minute, who stood behind the defense, but goalkeeper Valles was attentive. On the other hand, goalkeeper Brno Berkowicz performed against his former club when he eliminated Květ solo.

Prague scored its second goal five minutes before the end of the first half. After a long career, Köstl extended the ball to Křapka and the visiting defender scored his third goal of the current league season.

Brno Fusco sent alternately with Alli in the second half, who immediately took part in the contact goal. He found Sevchik in the penalty area and Zbrojovka’s top scorer scored his fourth goal of the season with a hard shot.

The Bohemians 1905 could have added the third goal in the 69th minute, but Berkowicz hit a hard kick from Hilka. Then the home team increased its activity, but as a result of the pressure only ezníček’s goal was not allowed due to offside.

In the 85th minute, substitute Halla could have decided Prague won definitively, but he criminally failed to take advantage of the two-on-one escape. The Bohemian midfielder was caught by goalkeeper Berkowicz.

When Fusk headed home to the home team from a good position at the end, the Bohemians took their first win after three rounds. Away from home, Prague have yet to lose in four league games this season.

Pardubets paid for the red card

Olomouc beat Pardubice in Prague shelter in Julesic 2: 0. The East Bohemians also lost their second duel under interim coach Pavlo Nomic, and after their fourth consecutive defeat, they remained in last place.

Already in the sixth minute, Olomouc, Shettel threatened with his head from the center of Zumrzel, but goalkeeper Markovic saved the rebound. Pardubice also declared himself, but Cervenka did not pass Maric’s pass in front of goal.

Only visitors created other opportunities at the opening. Stopper Pokorný shot from the corner, but Rosa kicked the ball off the post. Next, Markovic tackled Schwattal’s shot and Chettel headed it into the post.

In the 37th minute, Rosa missed Vodhanel and saw a yellow card. However, after the video referee intervened and watched the footage, Judge Hochke changed the referee and dismissed the Brazilian, to the astonishment of Pardubice’s players and coach Nemec.

Sigma benefited from strong play in the second minute of the opening chapter setting. Rűsk’s head was pulled by Markovi only to the next Pokorný, who did nothing wrong. The 25-year-old goalkeeper, who recently came to Olomouc from Ostrava, scored the first goal of the league season.

After the break, Růsek headed to the bar and Chytil in the arms of Markovič. The goalkeeper of the host team pulled substitute Matusek’s shot to the post and Rosick hit the crossbar. Růsk’s next attempt with his head was also unsuccessful, and Markovi pushed Navrátil’s shot into the corner.

Hanáky’s reassuring goal was added in the 76th minute by Růsek who fired home Markovi from the penalty area. He scored for the first time in the general league. Substitute Lim could have corrected the score, but he fired a cannonball from outside the penalty area.

Seventh round of the first football league:

FC Hradec Králové – Banic Ostrava 0:0

Referee: Radina-Mukrosh, Wolff-Birka (video). ŽK: Harazim, Smrž, Reichl – Lischka, Fleišman, Takács, ehi. ČK: 55. Nowotny (Hradik). Viewers: 2022.

Hradec: Reichl – Jakub Klíma, ihák, Smrž – Gabriel, Rada (75. evčík), Kodeš, Ryneš (46. Novotný) – Kubala, Vašulín (65. Harazim, 84. Rybička), Trusa (65. Kučera). Coach: Kubik.

Ostrava: Laštůvka – Ndefe (72 ehi), Frydrych, Lischka, Fleišman – Miškovič (53rd Jaroň), Takács – Kuzmanovi, Kaloč, Buchta – Jiří Klíma. Coach: Willow.

Zbrugovka Brno – Bohemians Prague 1905 1:2 (0:2)

Goals: 48. Civic – 3. Puškáč z Pen. , 40. Křapka. Referee: Křepský – Antoníček, Dohnálek ​​- Orel (video). ŽK: Hrabina, Šural, Endl – Puskáč. Viewers: 5526.

Brno: Berkovec – Hrabina (84. Přichystal), Šural, Endl, Granečný (55. Matejov) – evčík, Texl, Blecha (46. Alli), Souček (70. Hladík), Falta (46. Fousek) – ezníček. Coach: Dostalk.

Bohemians: Valeš – Köstl, Křapka, Hůlka – Dostál, Jindřišek, Květ (63. Hála), Jánoš (77. Krch), Kovařík (88. Nový) – Hronek (88. Bartek), Puskáč (77. Mužík). Coach: Fun.

FK Pardubice – Sigma Olomouc 0:2 (0:1)

Goals: 45. + 2 Pokorny, 76. Rosic. Referee: Hocek – Machač, Kotalík – Szikszay (Video). ŽK: freedom – Poulolo, Chytil, Pokorný. Č K: 39. Rosa (Pardubice). Viewers: 636.

Pardubice: Markovic – Rosa, Vlichik, Hranai, Svoboda – Tichler – Sisera (60. Lima), Janushek (89. Akusa Pembah), Hlavati, Maric (46. Kostka) – Cervinka (71. CERN). Coach: German.

Olomouc: Trefil – Chvátal, Pokorný, Poulolo (46. Beneš), Zmrzl – Spáčil (63. Ventúra), Breite (89. Greššák) – Navrátil (85. Sláma), Růsek, Vodháněl (46. Matoušek) – Chytilta Coach: Gillick.


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