Brisky sent a signal to his players that he didn’t trust them. As if he’s backing up, it surprises Švancar | Currently

“Spartan coach Brian Presci has admitted that the team is not ready to fight for the title. He has already sent a message to the players that he doesn’t trust them. That certainly won’t add to the atmosphere in the dressing room,” says former forward Petr Švancara in a league commentary for Aktuálně. cz.

Spartan coach Brian Presky said that when he sees the results of Pilsen and Slavia, the title is indisputable, and that he fights with the players he has available. To me, his expression is rather strange. I don’t know if it’s appropriate to say something like that after a few bad results.

He claimed something different before the season, how satisfied he was with the team, in the beginning too, now he seems to be holding back. It indicates that he gets a little frustrated when things don’t go as he imagined. Neither in terms of results nor gameplay.

It certainly doesn’t add to the vibe in the dressing room, it’s actually sending a message to the players that they don’t trust them. A Spartan fan couldn’t be more excited about it. Ironically, fans go to Sparta, more than twelve thousand on a Saturday night in Zlin, this is a visit after all. Their support is great and now they will learn that the respected foreign coach has had enough. This is not good.

The only shot on goal in Liberec brought victory to defending champion Viktoria Plzen. This efficiency is poorly understood, but it does occur. However, it does not surprise me with Victorka, she specializes in winning with a goal. I think he will continue to work with her.

I really liked the Slovácko – Slavia match, it’s a shame it didn’t finish 3:3. That would be absolutely perfect. Two offensive teams collided, it was ups and downs, full of chances, atmosphere, commitment and more football like that. There are a lot of praise. Paradoxically, no one is satisfied. Slovácko was disappointed not to win. He drove, threw away clearer chances, thought he might win. And Slavia wants to win every game, a draw is not enough for them.

Receiving a goal in the first minute indicates players’ lack of concentration. In my opinion, it is just a coincidence. One of the deflected balls, and then the other, the partial shot, to which the goalkeeper could no longer respond, otherwise he would have caught the ball. lucky. It happened, but that’s also why we love football so much that it brings these moments with it. But whoever does not repay, does not score, now it is doubly so.

However, I appreciate how Slovácko jumped straight as a favourite. Four players in the attack, even the right defender Rheinberg was already in the opponent’s goal. It shows how well Slavia is prepared. They weren’t the worst team ever, they outdid them in some phases of the match, I really liked how they were able to go through the quick breaks.

On the contrary, I was disappointed by the match between Hradec and Banek Ostrava. I was expecting more, there was almost nothing to look at. I admit I was bored. Hradec had a tough time, they lost their main creative player Vulcanova, had some injuries, and went to ten. But Banek should have shown much more, but he still could not catch up.

Teplice coach Jerka Yaroshik saved several players against Slavia, and then defeated his team Jablonec in an important match. Every coach has a strategy, rated the match in Slavia as a good experience for the youngsters. Maybe he thought the home team would be good enough in terms of fitness, and it didn’t work out, but we also found out in Brno earlier. With Slavia, it is difficult to give it to each other directly.

Peter Avanakara (45)

Peter Avanakara says goodbye to his career

Photo: Lukas Kaha

A former league striker, he was at one time one of the greatest talents in Czech football. In the first competition, he played 309 matches for nine different clubs, including Slavia and Zbrogovka Brno, in which he scored 59 goals.

I’ve noticed that a lot of coaches do this and more often than not, they don’t change the lineup as dramatically as Teplice, or rather they don’t openly admit it. But it paid off for Jarushek.

The defeat at home to Bohemka is unpleasant for Brno, but I think the euphoria will not decrease. If, of course, the boys score points. Now they are going to Zlín, and then to their homeland in Teplice, so something could happen. In addition, the team’s performance made the fans forgive domestic setbacks and not be upset. They are satisfied with the way he presents himself as a newcomer, and they are able to appreciate commitment and fighting back. And it moves in the middle of the table. But like I said, he wants to clarify some points.


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