Brno launches an overview of local AI companies and organizations, there are more than a hundred of them –

Brno AiAuthor: Brno.AI

There are 108 companies, research and educational institutions focused on AI elements operating in Brno and its surroundings. organisation Brno Aiwhich unites this community (similar to v in the capital), fired the so-called AI mapYou want to keep an updated list of all mentioned establishments.

Brno.AI began operating in 2021. Companies and research focused on artificial intelligence in Moravia were operating long before that. However, according to the community, there is now more contact and individual organizations know each other.

“Only the islands knew each other, but society as a whole knows very little about each other. This also applies between individual research groups – if they are from a different field, they don’t have very strong ties between them. And the Brno.AI platform wants to change that” Jan Barta From the Innovation Agency JIC.

The game development community is also active in Brno. For example, the first game incubator in our territory is being established there.


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