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Hladyck’s little house in Martin Berkovka was not very successful. However, the goalkeeper reacted excellently and kicked into the car right in front of Tecl.


Guests tried their luck in the middle. Lukáš Provod came up with a great pass to Lukáš Masopust, who was unable to finish the Jakub Šural route. Berkowitz will start.


The game is somewhat choppy in the first minutes. Chris Tehy played against the rules, and 20-year-old Zbrojovka star Michal Sivczyk missed.


Peter Olayinka handled the difficult handling perfectly. But then the perfect moment for the record passed, after which he faltered and lost the ball.


Lukáš Endl drew applause from the crowd. Just in time, he went to the chute and took out the round nonsense out of bounds. Car for Slavia.


Denis Granečn was guilty of an error. Banek’s pupil from Ostrava fought a duel with Lukasz Masopest, who covered his body.


Jan Hladek picked up the wrong Slavia game. He attempted a header with Jakub Jeznic, but the back pass no longer reached his boot.


Coach Trpišovský made six changes to the squad compared to the cup match with Raków.


Zbrojovka will enter the match in the next composition.

Slavia also deals with one difficult question, whether to sell yero sora, which is important abroad. The 22-year-old Nigerian last season He shone in the European League, scoring six goals in six matches, while scoring only once in ten league matches. At the moment, Sur is injured and players see it possible to play without him, so monetizing his quality is a more realistic option, although Slavia needs a wide squad due to certainty in the fall in the European Cup competition.

Prague Slavia They will go to the match with Zbrojovka in a great mood, having managed during the week to manage the rematch of the fourth preliminary round of the European Conference, when The leading goal in the match against Raku was scored by Evan Schranz in the second overtime setting.. Trpišovský did not start the league season well at all, surprisingly losing to Hradec 0:1 in Mladá Boleslav. Since then she has recorded three successive successes. Zlin defeated 4: 1, Jablonek defeated 3: 2 and Pardubets defeated 7: 0. It should be noted that in all the three winning matches mentioned, they finished sewing against ten people.

Michel SivczykThis is a name that has been circulating a lot in the media in recent weeks. The 20-year-old is one of the main reasons Zbrojovce made such a successful start to the season. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the offensive midfielder is surrounded by better teams in terms of budget, and realistically we have to admit that there are better teams. Most often, there is talk of moving to Sparta Prague, but staying in Brno in order to win properly remains a possibility.

Armory Brno After their return to the elite, they present themselves with a very good performance. The league season began with a draw 2: 2 with Slovácko, after which they beat Olomouc 2: 0 and beat Mlada Boleslav with a score of 3: 1. Last week, the Brno footballers got a day off, which their opponent requested from Pilsen, so that they could From preparing fully for the return match of the fourth preliminary round of the Champions League. Return to Brno. Coach Dostálk’s men showed in lower competition that they were among the elite, as they dominated FORTUNA: NATIONAL LEAGUE by sixteen points over second Vlašim. They also put in a solid pre-season performance, winning twice, drawing three and losing once.

Welcome to the online broadcast of the match of the fifth round of Fortuna: League between Zbrojovka Brno and Slavia Prague. The match is scheduled to kick off on Sunday, August 28 at 7pm.

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