Buckingham Palace has announced that Queen Elizabeth II of England has died. She was 96 now.cz

Queen Elizabeth II of England has died. Buckingham Palace announced this evening. She was the longest reigning monarch in British history. Her son Charles became king. The 96-year-old Queen spent her final days at Balmoral Castle in Scotland. Members of the royal family gathered there today after receiving news of her condition.

Queen Elizabeth II. She ruled for 70 years. She has headed Britain with both Winston Churchill and Boris Johnson, and in total she has had 15 British prime ministers. New Prime Minister Liz Truss for a few days.

He became king after the death of Elizabeth II. her eldest son Charles; He will stay with Camilla, the Queen Consort of Scotland, on Thursday.

He was the oldest and longest-reigning heir to the throne. At 73, he is the oldest British monarch ever.

Prince Charles’ 40-year-old son William will become heir to the throne and bear the new titles of Duke of Cornwall, his wife Catherine, and Duchess of Cornwall.

The royal palace said doctors were concerned about the Queen’s health this afternoon.

Police guarding the castle have asked people who have been visiting the castle in recent hours to leave the area. A Sky News reporter said the ground was really calm.

The British royal family last lost a significant member last June when Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Philip, died at the age of 99. Now he’s heartbroken again. For its members, this means that official business is suspended and flags on royal palaces and government buildings are flown at half-staff.

The Queen’s body is taken to Holyrood House in Edinburgh. A service is held at the cathedral on Friday or Saturday and is attended by the royal family. The coffin will be taken to London by train, NBC television reported on its website.

The Queen has had an unspecified health problem in recent months, described by the British media as a “movement problem”. withdrew from the Scottish Games held in the town of She’s been busy this week with her change of prime minister.

“We mourn the loss of loved ones”

Many world leaders and other important figures have already expressed their grief over the death of the Queen. accepted. with deep sorrow. They appreciated her lifelong devotion to her British monarchy, her hard work, and her immense humility with which she served her country.

“Her devotion to the monarchy, her immense humility and nobility will forever remain in our hearts.” twitter.

Prime Minister Peter Fiala (ODS) wrote: “My deepest condolences for the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. My heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family, the people of Great Britain and the people of the Commonwealth of Nations.” Former Czech President Vaclav Klaus, who met her personally, also commented on her Alzbeta death. “Her way of life and what she did was a constant in our lives and a symbol of the world leaving,” he said.

“Elizabeth II will be remembered as an example of a monarch’s dedication to her country and submission to its well-being and needs,” said House Speaker Markéta Pekarová Adamová (TOP 09). The Queen is a symbol of continuity and stability, and King Charles has a difficult task ahead of him, according to Senate Speaker Milos Vystrucir (ODS).

The Queen respected traditions and rules, but was also very humane, hospitable and informal.

According to British Prime Minister Liz Truss, Elizabeth II is the rock on which modern Britain was built. We are devastated by the news of her death, she said. Truss’ predecessor, Boris Johnson, also expressed his grief.According to him, the Queen’s death is the saddest day in the country. We believed she would be here forever.

Former British Prime Minister John Major praised Elizabeth for her 70 years of service and devotion to her country. The Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby also paid tribute to the Queen, praising her for her clear thinking, her ability to listen carefully, her inquisitiveness, her humor and her extraordinary kindness.

“It was an honor to serve her as Prime Minister. Our thoughts are with the entire royal family at this time. God bless the King,” said former British Prime Minister Theresa May. Other former prime ministers Tony Blair and David Cameron also offered their condolences.

Elizabeth II. She was more than a monarch, she defined an era, said US President Joe Biden. According to him, the Queen has been a source of pride for generations of Britons. Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, described Elizabeth as a wonderful woman. King Philippe of Spain also expressed his condolences to the King and the British people as a whole.

French President Emmanuel Macron said he remembers the Queen as a friend of France.Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau took Elizabeth’s death very seriously. According to him, the Queen will forever be an important part of Canadian history.

German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier said: “Queen Elizabeth II has made history and has earned the highest respect in the world. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz also expressed his sorrow at the Queen’s death, saying Elizabeth’s humor emphasized the sense of

According to Slovak President Zuzana Captova, the Queen was a role model for everyone. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also expressed his deep sorrow on Twitter.

In honor of Elizabeth II. Mayor Zdenek Hriv (Pirate) announced that the Petřín Lookout will be lit up in British colors on Thursday night. The Queen visited Prague in 1996. In contrast, the Eiffel Tower in Paris turned off its lights Thursday night in honor of her Queen.

Obituary: Queen Elizabeth II of England has died.

Queen Elizabeth II of England has died. | | Video: Jakub Zzanek, Reuters

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