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But the quantum safety labAuthor: Jean Procopius, but

The University of Technology in Brno has succeeded in quantitatively linking its faculty, specifically between the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technology (FEKT) and the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT). According to the school, they represent the next step towards building a quantitative network and promoting cybersecurity research.

Quantum intersection is part of the project nesbook, as well as the character of BUT, CESNET, VŠB-TUO and NÚKIB. The goal is to verify the functionality and applicability of quantum techniques in practice. But last year he opened a Quantum Security Laboratory for similar purposes.

“Quantum link uses two fibers, that is, two separate transmission paths, where one fiber is currently used for quantum transmission, and the other carries the service channel. Because quantum transmission is greatly affected by the quality of the transmission path, the actual installation on a real network was preceded by a long test in the laboratory to simulate practical problems. The track has a total length of 7.5 km and contains a total of 6 connections on conductors, which is not entirely ideal for quantum transmission,” explains BUT.

“Usually the service channel uses two separate fibers for bidirectional transmission, so it was also necessary to combine both directions into one fiber. In order to be able to monitor both end units with our monitoring system, it was still necessary to convert the data output on the FIT into a signal optical and combined into the same fiber with the service channel. In total, four channels of different wavelengths are transmitted in the second fiber”, adds the principal investigator of the research project Jean Hajni.

The Czech Republic had previously successfully transferred a quantum key from Ostrava to Poland. This happened as part of the OpenQKD project.

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