Canadian provinces rocked by mass murders. Natives Condemn Drugs, Demand Change |

Before dawn on Sunday morning, Canadian police received a report of a stabbing at an Aboriginal reserve in Saskatchewan. Gradually, however, reports of further attacks began to emerge. A few hours later, the final death toll was known. Two men killed 10 of him and he wounded 18 more. The worst mass murder in Canada’s modern history shook the entire country, especially the Indigenous community.

Police have warned locals to stay vigilant and stay out if possible while searching for the attackers. She eventually announced that the suspects were her two brothers, Damien and Miles Sanderson.

Damien, 31, was found dead by police on Monday not far from the home where one of the attacks took place. There were also marks of violence on his body.

The search for his brother, who is a year younger, continues. Miles may also have been injured, police said. Furthermore, as it turns out, he already has several criminal records and is likely to be armed and dangerous.

Brothers Damien and Miles Sanderson, suspects in the attack in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Brothers Damien and Miles Sanderson, suspects in the attack in Saskatchewan, Canada. | | Photo: Reuters

‘It hurts, it hurts,’ he told an American newspaper new york times Ivor Wayne Burns, who lives on the reservation. His 61-year-old sister, Gloria Lydia Burns, was murdered along with her mutual friend and her 14-year-old boy.

Burns is also in a relationship with two of the male suspects. “Now there is chaos, terrible chaos. He remembers his sister as a kind woman who raised four nephews after their mother died.” She then became a victim herself.Daryl Burns said of his late sister, “She was just like that. Help someone. I will do anything for you,” he said.

For Canada, the attack on the Cree Clan Reservation and the nearby town of Weldon was one of the deadliest attacks in modern history. The James Smith Cree Reserve covers an area of ​​about 70 square kilometers, the surrounding landscape is typical grassland, and most of the people here make their living from agriculture.

too common

“I was scared to sleep last night,” Weldon resident Ruby Werks, a close acquaintance of one of the murdered, later told the media. I know very well.

“Last night I locked my house for the first time in my life because my 12-year-old daughter asked me to,” said April Audet, another local woman.

Rhonda Blackmore, commander of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Saskatchewan, said: “We want to make sure that the people of Saskatchewan and beyond are at liberty to use all of their human, investigative and technical resources. Hundreds of police officers and others are involved in the investigation, she said, and fugitive Miles Sanderson has also been charged with robbery.

“Unfortunately, tragedies like this have become all too common in recent years.” he answered For Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “Saskatchewan and Canadians do what we always do in times of trouble and anxiety. It will help you to get better.”

recurring trauma

Indigenous community leaders in Canada have long focused their attention on systemic problems and discrimination. In recent years, the Canadian government has begun to pay more attention to the situation as evidence of decades and centuries of violence has surfaced. Last year, for example, in British Columbia, a mass grave of children was discovered near a boarding school where Indigenous children were sent for re-education. They were abused and sexually harassed in Catholic schools and many died there.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s government has created a commission to deal with similar cases. British He is also investigating the disappearances and deaths of dozens of Aboriginal women that occurred along a thoroughfare in Columbia and went unnoticed by authorities for years.

The Cabinet pledged in January this year to spend US$31.5 billion (780 billion crowns) to rectify the actions of social services that disproportionately separate children from indigenous families. The court also ordered billions of dollars in compensation. This will allow people in the settlement to have access to clean drinking water.

But in connection with Sunday’s murder, community representatives called on authorities to create a safer environment for indigenous people to live in. Police are still investigating the motive behind the attack. An association of 74 Indigenous Peoples and Communities in Saskatchewan said, “This is a devastating situation where harmful and illegal drugs have disrupted our communities.” The result.

Many locals agree with this. “It’s crazy that prisons, drugs and alcohol are killing so many people.” said Michael Brett Burns, the ex-boyfriend of one of the victims, said in an interview with local APTN television.

indigenous peoples in the state they live for thousands of years. In the past, bison were mainly hunted in this area. Out of a total of 1.2 million inhabitants, over 175,000 people are associated with individual clans. About 2,000 Kuri live directly in the reserve, which also has its own school, fire station and health centre. Nonetheless, several injured had to be airlifted to a hospital more than 320 kilometers away on Sunday.


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