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Czech Post customers who pay by direct debit without cash (via SIPO) will pay CZK 5 for proof of specific payments sent via email from 1 October. Until now, direct debiting from a bank account with electronic communications was free. This comes after the announcement that the state-owned company sent to its customers.

From 1 October, Czech Post customers will pay 5 kroner for an email sent with proof of direct debit payment (SIPO).

From 1 October, Czech Post customers will pay 5 kroner for an email sent with proof of direct debit payment (SIPO).

Česká pošta justifies the introduction of payment for email by increasing database administration costs. Even when Lupa.cz asked him over and over again, there was no post office spokesperson Matthias Vitek Able to explain specific business costs that have risen to justify this increase in the price of a previously free service.

In the past, a postal license holder would incentivize its customers to increase the use of electronic communication tools. The document related to the SIPO prescription sent by postal mail has already been charged with a fee of 15 kroner, and the costs for payment via a one-time payment order are the same.

Historically, SIPO, or the combined collection of payments from the population, had the advantage that one payment left the customer’s account each month, which the post office divided up and sent to individual suppliers. Thus, radio or television fees, rent, energy or perhaps telecom services can be paid.

While withdrawals from accounts are free in the banking market, including all transactions, it can be expected that after the announced shipment of the service, there will be a shift of customers from SIPO to standing orders or direct debit from a conventional bank. But change will take some effort. “If the payer is the payer of radio and television fees and at the same time pays this fee through SIPO, he must first deregister this fee at any post office, and only then the Czech Post can cancel the contact number,” the procedure described Vitek.

The contract with the SIPO post office can only be terminated in writing and without giving reasons. The contractual relationship ends on the first day of the month following the notice. The increase in price has already been reflected in SIPO . Price List.

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