Chain carousel crashes in Khavinov, Karvinska region, 12 injured |

In Khavilov, Karvinsk, attractions fell this afternoon at the amusement park. Police said it was a chain carousel. Twelve people were injured at the scene, most of them children. The Haveesh Festival is held in the city.

According to ČTK information, it was a more extreme version of the chain carousel. The structure with seats raised the central column to a height of about 15 meters. The moment I tried to get off, my shoulder and the upper part with the seat were torn off. “It is estimated to have fallen from a height of 15 meters. It fell onto the cash registers that were underneath. They were destroyed. Many people had their legs broken,” said an eyewitness to the event. told ČTK.

Five crew members of the medical rescue team are at the scene, according to rescue spokesman Ladislav Humpel. “There are about a dozen people injured at the scene. The extent of their injuries will be determined later,” he said.


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