Coach Inzaghi has named two threats from Pilsen, the Okriñar family will be coming for now

Inter Milan goalkeeper Milan Ukriniar is looking forward to Tuesday’s Champions League group game in Pilsen because his family and friends will come to support him. Like coach Simone Inzaghi, he believes that the current Czech football champion’s strong weapon is physical preparation.

“It’s always different when I speak Slovak, it’s great. Pilsen is closer to Slovakia than my home (Ciaro nad Hieronym) than Italy, so someone from my family and friends will come to see me. There were a lot of guys that 27-year-old international player Skriniar said. year at the press conference, which met Inter in 2019 with Slavia Prague in the main stage of the Champions League.

Appreciate the qualities of Victoria. “Bilsen has a very good squad, the coach (Belek) put in a very good system. We watched their matches, we analyzed their game. I think their biggest weapon is that they are well prepared. We will definitely pay attention, especially to the long balls they present themselves and the quick counter-attacks. We will try to eliminate that. ‘ said the former Zilina player.

Inzaghi expressed a similar view. “I watched Pilsen matches in Karabakh and Barcelona. From a physical point of view, they have very well prepared players. They have a good squad, especially when they play at home, where their strength lies. They have very strong players, for example Mosquera or Sýkor. You definitely need To their readiness, it is a strong team,” said the forty-six-year-old Italian.

Teams will fight for the first points in the table. Pilsen entered the Champions League with a 1:5 loss at Barcelona, ​​while Inter lost to Bayern Munich 0:2 at home. “After the loss to Bayern Munich, it will be a very important match for us,” said Inzaghi. “We have a very strong group. We have to give everything.”

And on Saturday, his team defeated FC Torino in the Italian league with a goal in the 89th minute 1: 0 and won after two failures in the competition.

“After losing two games, in the derby against AC and in the Champions League against Bayern, the atmosphere in the cabin and at the club was not entirely perfect. We exchanged a few words between ourselves and the coaches in the dressing room. We are happy that we managed to win at the weekend, that we improved Our mood compensated for our appetite after losing matches. We will definitely try to win the match tomorrow, because it is very important for us,” said Okriñar, who joined the Nerazzurri in the summer of 2017 from Sampdoria Genoa.


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