Coalition Government Possibility of Increasing Living Wages and Allowances from January | Kyodo News

Living wages may rise again from January. Child benefits may also increase. The coalition is negotiating a price adjustment. Lows rose for the first time since July due to inflation. Now 4,620 crowns for one adult. The amount is lower for adults and children in the family. The government’s National Economic Council (NERV) recommends raising the minimum cost of living and benefits.

“There is news that the government coalition is considering raising the living wage and child allowance. According to her information, there is agreement on a possible increase in the Coalition.

Labor Minister Marian Yulechka (KDU-ČSL) has reiterated in recent weeks that the government is ready to raise the minimum if prices continue to rise.

The minimum value is used to determine eligibility for benefits and calculate some support. It has been adjusted twice this year due to high inflation. Two years later he has risen 10% from 3,860 to 4,250 crowns since April. Since July, it has increased by 8.8% to 4,620 crowns.

Households whose net income is up to 3.4 times the minimum cost of living are entitled to child benefits. Depending on the age of the child, it will be 630, 770 or 880 crowns per month. Benefits are 500 crowns higher for families with working or studying parents.

The deputy secretary did not specify how much the minimum and benefits could increase from January. “If the minister[Yurechka]gives us a direction, we will start to change the law.

Social experts and NERV recommend raising child benefits. They said the benefit is aimed at low-income households. NERV is proposing to increase the amount by at least 30%. Base allowances are therefore 820, 1000 and 1150 crowns. For households with workers, the amount should be higher. If benefits were adjusted more substantially, some could be transferred directly to paying for school trips and similar events, for example.NERV also recommends raising the living wage.

The National Budget Council (NRR) agrees to provide assistance in crisis situations. But she said the measures should be temporary or transitory, not permanent. Long-term measures should not be taken without adequate financial resources.

By raising the minimum, the circle of families who can receive the allowance is expanding. This is because the upper limit of income that can receive benefits has been raised. Now, for example, a parent couple with two preschool children and a monthly net income of up to 43,554 crowns, or a single parent with a university student child with a net income of up to 25,738 crowns, can now receive the allowance. rice field.

The Labor Department paid out 300,900 child benefits in July, 25 percent more than in the same month last year, according to ministry data. At that time, 240,000 children received doses. Expenses for the seven months this year amounted to 2.04 billion crowns, compared to 1.28 billion crowns last year.


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