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Local council and senate elections will take place on September 23 and 24 this year. The second round is one week later. You can find detailed pre-election services at Aktuálně.cz. This includes historical interest from previous elections and instructions on how to cast a valid ballot at the ballot box. If you’re from Prague or Brno and you’re not sure which political party to choose, you can take our pre-election quiz.

A relatively significant portion of Czech voters ultimately decide who to vote for in the final days of the election. Political reporter Aktuálně.cz Dominika Fromcova When Radek Bartnicek The Moravian metropolis has become a place where they have spent part of their lives in the past and now live and work in Prague. Therefore, the questions answered by the majority of mayoral candidates are very diverse.

In elections for local councils, it is common for even established political parties to hide under the guise of coalitions. A little more this year. Especially in Prague and Brno. Fighting for voters’ votes within the coalition has already proven effective for some voters last year. In the capital, therefore, ODS, TOP 09 and KDU-ČSL operate together under the name Spolu pro Praha. In Brno, the government’s partnership was limited to the Topka and the Union of Civil Democrats. The people of southern Moravia preferred the Starost tribe.

In fact, people vote differently in the Czech Republic for each type of election. So editors have created a kind of manual for readers. Especially in small municipalities, people make decisions based on specific individuals. You can then give priority votes. But be careful. In municipal elections, a cross is used instead of a circle. Also, the number of preferential votes must not exceed the number of seats on the municipal council or the votes will be void.

what does the city council do? what about the representatives? What is proportional suffrage or passive suffrage? The Aktuálně.cz development department has compiled 30 questions and answers based on an analysis of the most frequent questions entered into internet search engines.

In addition to the Council, the Senate is also elected in part of the Republic. Czech interest in these elections is generally low, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in this kind of voting. Again, the editor has created more than two dozen of the most frequently asked questions. And she added her answer too.

Do you remember the names of the first “polistopada” mayors of Brno and Prague? And who has lasted the longest in the last 32 years? I can reveal the answer to your last question. In Brno, after the Velvet Revolution, the last communist mayor, Josef Pernick, remained in office. He resigned in his March 1990 and was replaced by Izzie Tolmachi. However, he only lasted four hours at the head of the city. At the plenary session of the National Committee, Trmač resigned after his cooperation with the StB came to light. Recall other interesting points from all past local elections in this chart.

In the capital, Igor Nemets holds the record for the shortest reign of four months. On the contrary, Pavel Bem is the only mayor of Prague who is in charge of elections for a second term. Click for infographics related to Prague.


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