Czech Post raises SIPO prices. He now wants his 5 crowns for debit and email proof.

Starting in October, Ceskar Poshta will also charge SIPO for clients who pay by direct debit from their bank account without cash and receive receipts by email. On the specified date, the payment will be automatically debited from the customer’s account, after which the post office will also automatically send a confirmation e-mail to the customer. All this for 5 crowns. The state-owned company explained the adjustment of the price list due to the cost increase.

“Please check the collection limit for SIPO services with your bank and, if necessary, increase it by 5 CZK to ensure successful payments from October onwards. We recommend that you increase the collection limit as soon as possible. ”, Česká pošta said in a message to customers, available at Aktuálně.cz.

SIPO, collective collection of payments, allows multiple recurring collection orders from different companies to be combined into a single payment, which is automatically deducted from the payer’s account. In most cases, it’s a combination of rent, energy security deposit, concession fee, or tax. About 3 million people in the Czech Republic use this service.

in service Until now, paying by direct debit from your bank account and then sending electronic documents has been free. If the customer wishes to send the document in paper form, it will cost 15 crowns. Costs for one-time payment orders are the same. The post office pays 25 crowns for SIPO processing and 29 crowns for the delivery person.

Spokesman Matyáš Vitík told Aktuálně.cz that the post office is specifically responding to the growing costs of managing databases and systems in which a single payment is transferred to multiple accounts. “We got as close as possible to the lowest possible amount of five crowns, which just covers the increased costs,” he explained.

In a message to customers, the post office said, “A deceptively simple service hides a sophisticated accounting system and a team of professionals ready to help you set up payments or solve problems every day. ”I claim. – Standard situation. “


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