Czech Railways solves the problem of routes to Germany. The car will be inspected by a special technician.

Czech State Railways trains bound for Germany are checked by special technicians before crossing the border in case of any disputes regarding the technical condition of the carriages. He must assess whether the train can continue its journey. The railways have asked the German railway company, Deutsche Bahn, to cooperate in these cases. In recent weeks, German train crews, most recently on Sunday, have refused to pick up a Czech Railways train due to unsatisfactory conditions.

However, Czech airlines disagree with some errors. “The German train crew refused to accept the train because of a defect that was not retroactively confirmed,” said Jizy Jeseta, member of the board of directors of the Czech Railways and ČD’s deputy director for passenger transport. I did,” he said.

“Therefore, we have decided to send specialists, technicians to Děčín. Technicians will assess suspicious cases on the spot and determine whether the vehicles involved can continue to run. In context, we enlisted Deutsche Bahn to jointly avoid cases in which a German train platoon decided on a technical problem and then the rolling stock was found to be in order.”

Czech Railways operates a railway line from Prague to Germany in cooperation with German railway company Deutsche Bahn. Each carrier is responsible for the operation of the lines within its own territory and also rotates train crews at borders.

During the crossing of trains from the Czech Republic to Germany, a case was repeated in recent weeks in which representatives of German airlines refused to pick up Czech Railways trains due to their inadequate technical condition.

The German company recently said these were isolated cases, but on Sunday the airline again refused to continue travel on the Czech airline’s trains, for the fourth time already this summer. . In these cases, therefore, passengers had to wait for the next international train or travel to Dresden on a regional connection with a transfer.

“The car parked yesterday (Sunday) underwent a technical inspection, re-measurement and weighing. The technical parameters found are in full compliance with the technical standards and maintenance rules. It was an erroneous assessment of the state of affairs,” said Michal Kraus, deputy director of the ČD for the last case and services, the deputy chairman of the board of directors.

According to railway spokesman Petr Szczaflavski, the situation on the line to Germany has been delayed in recent weeks as the modification of some trains scheduled at Josh Wurzky’s repair shop in Slovakia has been extended. , is getting complicated.

“The repairman has extended the maintenance day by a multiple of the scheduled deadline. Due to a delay in the delivery of brake parts from Knorr, the car, which should have been running long ago, is still in the workshop in Slovakia. Czech Railways is also putting maximum pressure on auto repairers, so maintenance was proceeding according to the planned schedule, ”said the spokesperson.

For this reason, the railway also proceeded with greater checks of rolling stock within the Prague depot and the transfer of spare rolling stock from other depots.


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