Delays in connections will affect the compensation of Czech Railways managers, Mr Kupka said. so far |. does not play a role now .cz

The reliability of connections and their possible delays also affect the remuneration of Czech railway managers. The Department of Transportation plans to introduce a set of standards to national airlines in the fall that take this into account. Minister of Transport Martin Kupka (ODS) said on Wednesday: The Railway Administration already has similar standards for rewarding executives.

Reliability of connections and train delays are not yet taken into account in the Czech Railways Manager’s Remuneration Regulations. Even after the upcoming changes, the company’s management and quality of service will remain paramount in determining executive remuneration, while the connection reliability criterion should account for about 35%, he said. he says Kupka. .

Key among these criteria are connection delays by the carriers themselves, according to the MHLW’s plan. For example, road closures or unusual events on the track have no effect. The resort hopes to finalize the exact shape of the changes during the fall.

Similarly, the remuneration standards for the General Manager, his deputies and other senior staff will be changed at the Railway Administration. The change was approved by the organization’s board of directors last week. Railway administration managers are evaluated according to the reliability and throughput of the railway network, that is, the delay rate of passenger and freight trains. Due to construction work on individual lines, train delays have increased significantly in recent months.

Czech Railways carried a total of 75 million passengers in the first half of the year. This is an increase of 25 million over the previous year. Last year, Czech Railways carried her 120.7 million passengers on its trains.


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