Dentists have increased their prices by an average of one-fifth since last year. A new tooth already costs at least 10,000.

People pay dentists over 3,000 crowns for regular white fillings. Prices for general surgeries vary widely between individual surgeries, but patients almost everywhere cannot avoid higher prices. . But the time the dentist spends on the procedure is also important.

On average, dental surgery prices increased by a fifth between 2021 and 2022. This had the least impact on implant adoption, while the prices for removable skeletal replacements and root canals increased the most, as shown in the chart below. CESS surveyDentist costs are increasing not only in wages, but also in energy and material costs.

It was the same in Martin Pačka’s dental clinic in Uherské Hradiště. At this dental office, the prices for almost every procedure he has increased by 5-10% at the turn of the year. “Essentially, all fundamental factors are responsible for the price increase: the price of energy, materials and, above all, the work of employees,” says the dentist. Moreover, he does not rule out that prices will continue to rise. That will depend on how much energy prices rise, but he needs to know that by the end of the year.

Pačka worries that the prices of laboratories that manufacture dental prostheses for patients will be the biggest driver of price increases. For now, he says, they still have the old prices. “This is probably going to be the biggest problem because labs are very energy intensive. The biggest increase in prices is in the area of ​​prosthetics.” “The cost of subcontracting from labs and the cost of manufacturing dental products such as crowns, bridges and prostheses will increase,” the dentist estimates.

Prices have been adjusted as they have been partially reimbursed by health insurance companies due to a price list for prosthetic products published in January. In this way, insurance companies are now helping patients pay for what they previously had to pay for themselves.

But on the flip side, dentists note, insurance companies are now contributing less to the most frequently used products than they used to. For example, last year he had 560 crowns, now he has only 300 crowns per crown. “The new tariff will be a big relief for parents who, for example, will pay more for orthodontic treatment, while patients will pay more for orthodontic treatment for adults,” says the Czech Stomatological Society. explains Roman Schumkler, chairman of

People who have lost several teeth and need to replace them pay the most. One dental implant costs a patient no less than 10,000 crowns, and for artificial teeth with crowns, the price is It can even reach up to 30,000 crowns. The all-ceramic crown itself costs between 50,000 and 10,000 crowns in the clinic. According to data from the Czech Statistical Office, prices for replacement crowns have increased by almost a quarter year-on-year.

However, the final price of the procedure is mainly determined by the so-called minute calculation. Simply put, the longer the dental procedure takes, the more it will cost. But his minute rate of work has also increased, as costs such as material costs are included, as explained by dental clinic’s Katerina Kratochivilova.

Additionally, some dentists plan to continue raising prices in the fall due to inflation. Agreed, but not as much as the expected increase in inflation. “If dental clinics want to remain reasonably profitable, they have no choice but to raise their prices by at least 10 percent,” said Rudolf Jakl, board member of the Czech Stomatology Society, at the end of June ČT24. told to .

Kratochvílová thinks similarly. “If the price of materials rises significantly, of course, it can become expensive again in the fall,” the dentist argues.

Another aspect that complicates the financing of the dental profession is the reimbursement of treatment by insurance companies. According to some dentists, this is insufficient in the long run. In most cases, the costs of time and materials required to perform the procedure are not covered. And some doctors don’t even get a deal with insurance companies because they’re in the wrong place, Schmuckler said, while some others apply to insurance companies if it’s more favorable to dentists. He said he would.

About 1,000 out of about 9,000 dentists in the Czech Republic have canceled their contracts with insurance companies, preferring to work privately. Therefore, the patient also pays for basic care in the office, such as preventive examinations and tooth extractions.

Dental care has also become more expensive due to modernization to extend the life of teeth, which is also reflected in the price. “When I started getting stool treatment 30 years ago, I basically had no tools and just pulled teeth. It’s the same time we went, we’re serving five other people,” explains Pačka.

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