Dukla suspects that his former official tried to influence three duels in the current league



updated 25/8/2022 6:34 PM

Fotbalová Dukla Praha faces suspicion that she, through her former official Michal Oramek, tried to influence three league games in the fall of 2018.

The Ethics Committee of the Czech Football Association began its proceedings with the current second-tier club today, which it announced in a statement.

According to the committee, the former CEO of Oramek, who terminated the Dukla administration in May 2019 after being relegated from the Premier League, could affect the regularity of matches with Liberec and Slovakia.

In addition, he faces suspicions that he demanded yellow cards for his team players during a duel in Mladá Boleslav.

Dukla beat Liberec 2:0 in September 2018, drew 0-0 in Mladá Boleslav in November and lost 0:1 at Slovácko in December of the same year.

Later, this season, the Prague team finished last in the table, were relegated from the first league and have played in the second highest competition since then. David Oramek’s son is currently working in the same role in managing the club from Julisky.

The Ethics Committee stated that it would deal with the issue at its September 15 meeting in Prague.

The committee is currently dealing with the fallout from the case surrounding the former FAČR Vice President, Roman Berber. It has already sanctioned several people in the case and was expelled last December from the third league, where another representative of the case, official Roman Rogoz, worked.

Today, the commission banned referee Marco Bellini from playing football for two years. According to her, Rogoz promised a financial reward from his position as an assistant referee for his impact on the third league match between Vilvary and Vysehrad in March 2019.

Then FC Prague tied 2: 2 and won after that 5: 4 on penalties. Both teams played one penalty kick per match. At the same time, Pilny was fined 25,000 kroner by the ethics committee. The previous league referee can appeal the ruling within five days.

In 2016, Piln was expelled from the FAČR for his involvement as the fourth official in officiating a match from the major competition in Příbram while under the influence of alcohol. But then he returned to the association.

At the weekend, he whistled at the third league match between Admira Prague and B. Pilsen, as he was attacked and knocked down by visitor Kristi Kos. The disciplinary officer sentenced the Albanian midfielder to four months in prison, and West Bohemia terminated his contract.

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