“Today’s ambassador to the United Nations, who represents the most active terrorist in the world today, the Russian state that terrorizes millions of people in Ukraine, has no right to make such an assessment,” said Yureka. “They behave like terrorists. They can no longer be surprised that these reactions also come, which may be emotionally tense. None of us are happy about the loss of lives, but it is necessary to realize why and who caused this situation and what it is unfortunately consequences of war.”

The Defense Minister tweeted about Duginova’s assassination on Saturday she answered She says that she feels sorry neither for the daughter nor for the grieving father, but, on the contrary, for the thousands of people “who were killed because of their vile propaganda and ideology.” On Tuesday, Černochová dismissed the ambassador’s accusations of ČTK, saying there was a fundamental difference between “celebrating a terrorist attack” and expressing “regret over the death of a fascist propagandist” who publicly called for the immediate annihilation of Ukrainians.

Defense Minister Jana Ernochová (pictured on June 22, 2022).

The Russian ambassador told Černochová that you agree with terrorism. refuse

According to Jurečka, statements made by Russian representatives at the United Nations were often on the brink of what could be heard there. “Some were above the line, it was a scandal,” he said. According to him, it is left to consider whether Russia in this case should be part of the United Nations. “Because after that it became clear that the organization is not able to fully achieve the goal, and at the same time it is also looking for ways for common peace in the world,” he added.

“These statements are part of the information and mixed war that Russia has been waging with us for a long time,” noted Minister of Science, Research and Innovation Helena Langshadlova (TOP 09).