Fiala promised in the discussion that electricity prices and the war tax would be fixed within a month

According to Fialo, the government has ensured there is enough gas for the winter, thanks to the mobile LNG terminal. He added that the government acted responsibly and quickly throughout the crisis: “As international comparisons show, our aid is one of the most effective in Europe.”

Acceptable prices for everyone

When the presenter asked him why the government was delaying the adoption of the energy-saving tariff and it was still not clear how much it would save families this year, the prime minister said: “We were preparing the social energy tariff for July prices. At the end of August, when electricity prices rose to Totally ridiculous highs and reached a thousand euros per megawatt hour, we responded immediately. We had a council of energy ministers on Friday, and I hope that a pan-European solution will be adopted, which will be the most effective and cheaper. After that, we will present the national plan next week. We will cap prices Electricity and gas for homes, public institutions and to some extent for entrepreneurs so that everyone has enough energy at affordable prices.”

Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala.

The price of pellets increased several times. Fiala: We have to intervene in energy prices

Does this mean that there will not only be something to heat and light, but also the certainty that hundreds of thousands of families will not become insolvent? “No one should fall into foreclosure because of energy prices, because anyone who gets into trouble and has housing costs higher than thirty percent of income can apply for a housing allowance. For example, a family of four can get up to to twenty thousand crowns per month from the state.”

Peter Fiala on foreclosure:

Source: Diary

Won’t the government even allow entrepreneurs to fall into the gutter? “I must admit that the assistance to companies and industry is the most expensive and most difficult legislatively because of the rules of illegal support. But we have to help them, because it is not possible for large companies to start bankruptcy, and small and medium-sized entrepreneurs cannot survive because of the prices of energy,” stressed the prime minister.

Understands people’s concerns

Peter Fiala also faced the objection that people do not believe in government measures because ministers cannot explain them. It is also why 85 percent of respondents in Denek’s survey answered that government is not helping people and companies adequately deal with the energy crisis.

What will the prime minister say to people at the condominium meeting, where they will learn that instead of the previous fifteen thousand kroner for heating, they will pay 45 thousand next year? “I move between people, and of course the crisis affects our family as well. I understand that citizens are afraid and worried about the future. Who should not! But let us not forget that the reason for this is the war that Vladimir Putin is waging against us. We are working to lower energy prices and make it affordable for everyone.” It’s not easy and I can’t say we won’t have to limit ourselves for a while. But we will make it happen and we won’t let anyone down. Everyone who has a problem will get help from the state.”

Czech Prime Minister Petr Viala.

Because of the exorbitant energy, Fiala said, no one will ever have to fall into foreclosure

Will the government agree to an unexpected tax? “Part of our solution is the war tax, because the companies that produce and trade energy are making profits that they had no part in. At the same time, there are people here who have a hard time paying for energy, so some kind of solidarity is definitely necessary. In a few days or weeks We’ll come up with a basic solution next week so people know how we’re going to cap prices. I’d also like to see the war tax introduced during September. But we have to prepare it well legislatively. And our government is working by offering people final solutions that You will indeed succeed.”

Next week, in the second online debate on Dení, we’ll ask Petr Fiala if he fears we’ll see a revolution again after 33 years.


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