Fiala said Mlinick is resigning immediately. Civil Intelligence will have an interim chief

“The resignation is practically immediate. The prime minister said someone else will be entrusted with the interim management of ZSI, for a relatively short period until a full new director is selected.” It is believed that a new head of civilian intelligence will be selected relatively quickly.

Mlenic confirmed his decision to the servant today Lidovky.czHe didn’t want to comment further. Some MPs, both from the opposition and from government hackers, have called for the replacement of the civilian intelligence chief due to his links to businessman Michel Riedel, accused in the Dosimitter corruption case. The issue surrounding Mlijenko is also one of the reasons that prompted the opposition movements ANO and the Social Democratic Party to submit an initiative to hold a parliamentary meeting to express their mistrust in the government.

ÚZSI President, Peter Mlinick, resigns

The head of civilian intelligence, Peter Mlynik, resigned. He faced criticism for his dealings with Redl

Mlynik indicated his resignation from the government today, which I accepted. “I would like to appreciate the position of Peter Mlynik, who framed his resignation in the sense that he does not want to burden ÚZSI with the whole campaign that is going on around it and the uncertainty that is arising,” the prime minister said. .

Interior Minister Vito Rakoshana (Stan) Mlinka’s decision, according to his statement this morning, he regrets. According to him, he had all the basic requirements to do the job well, which he has proven by his work in the past month and a half. Mlinka understands that the pressure was enormous according to him. The hacker considers Mlejnka’s move correct and responsible, which is also understandable according to TOP 09 President Markéta Pekarová Adamová and KDU-SL Chairman Marian Yureka.

Vote of no confidence in the government

Movement leader Andrej Babis said the opposition movement ANO insists that the Austrian should resign. According to him, nothing changed in Thursday’s meeting of no-confidence in the government. According to Viala, the Austrian has confidence in him and his cabinet. “We do not see any reason for his resignation or any change in the government,” he added. According to him, the Minister of the Interior, for example, coped with the wave of refugees after the Russian invasion of Ukraine very well.

Mlejnek has previously stated that he has met Redl at work in the past, but did not know that Redl would be sued in the future. The meetings took place at a time when Mlynick was working in a trading company and was looking for new opportunities for it. Mlynik denied that he passed on information from the security environment to Riedel. The Austrian said earlier that the reason for Melchenko’s removal from the head of the intelligence service was the failure to obtain a top-secret security clearance.

From left, Prime Minister Peter Fiala and MP and ANO Chairman Andre Babis at a meeting of the House of Representatives

Babis: If he does not summon the Austrian Viala, then a vote of no-confidence will be held in the government

In June, the police indicted more than a dozen people in the Dusmetter case for running the transport company in Prague. In addition to Redlo, among them are former STAN Vice Mayor Petr Hlubuček and former member of the company’s board of directors Mate Augustin. Riddle has already been prosecuted in the past in connection with the criminal activities of Radovan Kricic. by server He escaped prosecution in these cases due to alleged mental illness. Since 2008, according to the courts, Redl has been partially incompetent and in need of a guardian.


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