Fiala started the school year at Al Jazeera School. Wish the students enjoy learning

The first graders and their parents were welcomed by the Prime Minister along with the school management in the gymnasium, where first graders are usually welcomed. “It’s a great day for you, a big change in your life,” Prime Minister Viala began his speech. Then he asked the disciples who were looking forward to the school, most of them answered in the affirmative. “I hope that at school you will learn how to learn, learn and discover new information, and enjoy it. School should lead to this,” said Fiala, who called on the island’s mayor Ostroff and MP Jan Borich (Democratic Party).

“It had been a long time since I went to school, so I was also looking forward to learning how to count, write and read well. My parents had a big library at home when I went to school, so I couldn’t read yet,” the prime minister recalls of his first year of school. Fiala also mentioned his teaching career. As a remembrance of the day, bring to the students the book of fairy tales “The Beatles” by author Jan Karaviat.

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There was a marked increase in first graders: the data shows how well each area performs

The principal of the school, Rudolf Radu, and the mayor of the island also congratulated the first graders. The principal urged the students to come to him directly if they had any problems.

ZŠ Májová is one of three primary schools in Ostrów. For 600 pupils, in recent years, based on low demographic development, from 500 to 550 children are taught in the school. The average number of classes ranges from 20 to 25 students.

The President of the Senate highlighted the advantages of small classes

Three first-grade students at Urbanov Primary School in Jihlavsk also started school on Thursday. Senate President Milos Vestrel (ODS) also wished them much success. He stressed that teaching in a small school can be an advantage for them, as the young ones can easily access information intended for the older children, and the adults can simply repeat the material of previous years.

According to its director Hynk Vohoska, Urbanovská School has 24 pupils and is one of the smallest near Telč. The village, with a population of 140, is located in a building that has been built as a school since 1874. Today, the school building also houses the municipal office and a partner post office, Vohuska said. The school is attended mainly by local children and children from neighboring villages – Oshov, Nevciel, Baninska Ruzyzka, Strana and Satek. It is also exceptionally chosen by parents of children whose expert recommends education in a smaller group. The school in Urbanov educates pupils from 1st to 5th grade, and is divided into two classes. Three teachers and a teaching assistant look after the children.

The first day of school can be dangerous for children.  Experts advise parents to get their children to school in advance and warn them of all the risks.

Walk your way to school with your kids, and appeal to the police. According to statistics, September is critical

According to information from the regional office, about 3,500 children attend small schools, 120 of which are in Visochina. There are approximately 45,700 children in all primary schools in Vyushchina.

The school year started today in the district for 5,650 first graders, and about 4,800 students entered the early years of high school. Schools in the district also accepted 1,386 Ukrainian children during the previous school year, and 315 Ukrainian students were enrolled in first grade for this school year. How many Ukrainian children will actually go to school in Vyzuchina, but that will only become clear in the following days.

Member of the Regional Council for Education Jan Pechala (pirates) said that some families returned to Ukraine during the holidays, while others moved. Urbanovská school has no pupils from Ukraine. According to the director, their parents preferred schools in Telč. “Some parents have visited us here, but they preferred the fact that there are schools in Telč dedicated to educating foreigners,” Vohuska said.


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