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He reached the Wimbledon final and dominated the Washington Championships and is now in the quarter-finals of another Grand Slam tournament. Aussie tennis star Nick Kyrgios shines brighter and brighter. The famous troublemaker rises and talks more about his transgressions with his racket-handling skills on the court. According to American legend John McEnroe, the biggest professionalism of the 27-year-old is behind it.

It was a huge event for the US Grand Slam Round of 16, a big fight fought by the current world number one and the last champion of the US Open. Russia’s Daniil Medvedev said goodbye to New York and Kyrgios was the one for the fans to celebrate.

We must add that until his last appearance he was not without the usual excesses associated with his career at the top of world tennis. Once he got into an argument with the referee for running too fast in preparation for serving, and then again in ecstasy he slammed the ball into the opponent’s half against the rules.

Nevertheless, he played brilliantly and deservedly advanced to the last eight tennis players at Flushing Meadows.

Alex Corretga, a former Spanish tennis player, said, “Nick’s victory was amazing. I think he surprised the entire tennis world with how consistent and aggressive he was. He didn’t let anything go. He showed he’s ready for big things.” From Eurosport experts.

At the same time, even in the spring, Kyrgios retained the reputation of a hooligan who collects fines for his behavior at court rather than successes. But that changes in the summer and the Australian is selling talent that has been talked about for years.

“Finally, he’s a professional. For many years, you could tell he doesn’t give everything to tennis. Now that’s changed, it’s a pleasure to see what kind of player he has become,” American John McEnroe, who paid himself for the famous hooligan.

Where does Kyrgios’ transformation into a top player come from? According to the American legend and former world number one, service is key.

McEnroe thinks, “If you look at the stats, he’s kept a cast success rate of over 70 percent, that’s elite. Perhaps few people on TV realize how hard his transmission is or how dangerous his second transmission is. This boy is exceptional.”

Additionally, the tournament opened up to some exciting winners. After Medvedev, Rafael Nadal is also out of the game.

“If Nick plays as he played against Medvedev, he will win. When he serves as he did in the round of 16, he doesn’t care who is on the other side. He doesn’t even need a coach, when it comes down to that, he plays like a genius on the court.” Praises to McEnroe.

In the struggle of the last four players, Kyrgios was about the same age, and the Russian tennis player Karen Khanov, who is ranked 31st in the world, is only a year old.

A montage of the match between Karolina Pliskova and Victoria Azarenkova at the US Open. | Video: Associated Press


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