Five clubs in Europe are already close. The Czech Republic even jumped to number 13 in transactions | Currently

Thanks to a very successful cup week, Czech football clubs came very close to taking the 15th place in the list of national coefficients after the season.

Editing of the Slavia - Raku match

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Slavia – Raku match cut off | Video: O2 TV Sport

After three victories and progressing Pilsen, Slavia Prague and Slovako from the last fourth preliminary round to the groups, the local teams advanced to thirteenth in the standings and after qualifying have nearly a point ahead to sixteenth.

Fifteenth place as the last means five actors on the European stage.

Due to the low standings, the Czechs entered the cup season for the first time since 2014/15 with just four representatives.

Although Sparta were eliminated in the second preliminary round of the European Conference League with Viking Stavanger, the other three teams managed to reach the group from the playoffs.

It is currently running for publication until next year. For the 2023/24 season, it has already been decided that the Czech Republic will again have only four actors.

After this week, the local teams managed to move ahead of Switzerland in 14th place, Russia in 15th, and Ukraine in 16th. Russian teams were excluded from the cups this season due to the war in Ukraine.

In order for Czech football to lose its place in the Elite 15, three nations will have to overtake it during the season.

Domestic clubs lead by 0.85 points over 16th-placed Ukraine, which also has three teams left in the match.

Seventeenth-placed Greece and eighteenth-placed Croatia lost nearly two points to the Czechs, leaving only one representative in the cups.

The two domestic teams are almost two points ahead of 19th-placed Denmark, which also has three teams left in the match.

Israel, which ranked 20th with two teams, is already losing three and a half points, and 21st Turkey is trailing by almost four points. Four clubs will represent Al-Hilal in the groups, but the points are shared by five.

The Czechs could also aim for 12th, which is currently held by the Norwegians. They have a slight 0.2 point lead over the local clubs, and they will only have two teams left in their destiny.

A twelfth-place finish could, in a favorable coincidence, secure the champions a direct place in the Champions League group, but UEFA is yet to announce its 2024/25 fixture list. The last time Bilsen went straight to the main stage of the most famous competition was in 2018.

Gains in the ranking divided by the number of representatives of a particular country in the cup season, in the case of the Czech Republic by four. In this year’s qualifiers, domestic clubs scored a total of 4,250 points after the division, which, along with Israel, is the most after Liechtenstein, represented by a single team.

In the preliminary rounds, one point is awarded for a win and half a point for a draw, and in the main stage two points are awarded for a win and one point for a draw.

Pilsen helped the local teams the most in this year’s qualifiers. The Czech champion has played three preliminary rounds in the Champions League, winning five times and drawing once out of six matches, and in total, with four additional points to advance into the group, he earned nine and a half points. In doing so, Victoria became the most successful club in this year’s qualifiers.

Slavia advanced to the European Conference League group with a gain of four and a half points. Among the six matches, the Czech vice-champion won four times, drew once and lost once. On Thursday, Prague residents celebrated their promotion thanks to a 2:0 win after extra time over Raków Čenstochová.

Slovácko has scored two and a half points so far this season. Uherské Hradiště were eliminated for the first time in the third preliminary round of the European League with Fenerbahce Istanbul after an away loss and a draw at home, but then they dealt with AIK Stockholm in the Conference League playoffs after two wins.

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