“For me, a reportage text is a way of giving a voice to people who normally don’t have a voice,” says Jana Ustharova.

Editor and spokesperson Jana Ustohalová, one of today’s most prominent journalists, worked for 17 years in the editorial office of MF DNES in Brno. She is currently a member of Denik N’s editorial staff. She covers news from Brno, politics, non-profit sectors, investigative cases, social issues and writes reports from the region. She has been nominated for several Journalism Awards, winning two Journalism Awards in 2016 for Regional Journalism and 2020 for Best Reporting.

Jana Ustohalová also lectures at the Faculty of Sociology at Masaryk University in Brno. She educates future journalists on the main journalistic realm today: reporting. In her podcast Kvóty, Ustohalová discusses how she got her start in journalism, what her experience has been as a Czech journalist since the 1990s, and how today’s up-and-coming journalists interact with her older colleagues. It explains what the difference is.
In the second part of the interview, Ustkhalova focuses on the topic she is dealing with. This includes her role in caring for her as a mother. What is it like to be a woman in Czech journalism? How does her experience with motherhood translate into the topics she chooses? Got a job? Today’s quota is about that too.

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