Funniest Animal Pictures: This year’s winner is a bizarre lion cub falling from a tree | Currently

A photo of a clumsy lion cub falling from a tree won the Comedy International Wildlife Photography Awards, making it the funniest animal photo of the year. The author of the shot is American photographer Jennifer Hadley. Czech photographer Miroslav Srb also received an honorable mention. The Photo Gallery provides an overview of the award-winning photos.

According to Hadley, most of these images are created by accident, which was the case here. “It was very late in the afternoon, and a lion cub was climbing a tree, and all of a sudden he started looking like he didn’t know how to get down. I never thought he would succeed in the slightest way possible like a cat. How often do cats fall from trees?

This year’s overall winner also noted that she has been following the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards with enthusiasm for many years. “I decided to participate at the last minute and I am very happy and honored to announce the overall winner as well as the winner of the Affinity Photo Public Award. I really love this contest because it is very different from others and apart from showing the adorable animals and their personalities, it also helps to raise awareness of different wildlife and fund conservation efforts. It’s amazing to be a part of it all.”

Competition jury Wildlife Comedy Awards This year, she selected the winners from thousands of entries from both professional and amateur photographers from around the world. Czech Miroslav Serb also received an honorable mention for his film.

Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Founded in 2015 by professional photographers Paul Joynson Hicks and Tom Salam. Their goal was to contribute to nature conservation, but in a light and humorous way. The competition they created has an important charitable dimension – it helps raise money for non-profit organizations focused on nature conservation. This year it is Whitley Trust for Nature.


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