Gas station prices are changing direction again. Diesel prices have risen by more than 2 crowns

Fuel prices reversed course again last week. Gas prices rose by 15 Hellers on average, while diesel prices rose by 2.2 crowns. A liter of Natural 95 on Sunday he sold for 40.45 crowns, while the diesel was 44.53 crowns per liter. Diesel prices will continue to rise next week, analysts say. But in the long run, experts don’t expect big swings.

Current data from CCS show that diesel prices rose by crowns per liter last week. The reason, according to Finlord analyst Boris Tomčiak, is a significant increase in prices on wholesale markets across Europe.

The most expensive diesel was sold in Prague over the weekend at 45.54 crowns per liter, one crown higher than the national average. On the contrary, the driver was the cheapest to buy in the Hradec Kralove region, costing just 44 crowns. Prices were similarly low in Usti and South Bohemia.

Gasoline prices have fallen significantly in recent weeks, but market conditions have reversed again in recent days. In Prague it sold for 41.32 crowns per liter, while the cheapest petrol was sold in the Karlovy Vary region for 39.79 crowns.

Gasoline was also available for less than 40 crowns in South Bohemia, Hradec Kralove, Ousty and Zlín regions.

Fuel prices have fallen from record levels since early July. However, Patria Finance analyst Tomáš Vlk doesn’t expect any big swings in the coming weeks.

Tomčiak also denies any further significant discounts. According to him, the market for oil and petroleum fuels is still in short supply. Therefore, interest in commodities that usually raise prices takes precedence.

At the end of last summer, diesel fuel averaged 31.63 crowns per liter and Natural 95 at 33.80 crowns. So the current price is very different from what he was a year ago. It is not clear if and when fuel prices will return to these values.


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