General Pavel confirmed his candidacy for the castle. He wants to ‘restore order and peace’ to the Czech Republic |

Former Czech military and NATO high representative Petr Pavel officially confirmed his candidacy for president of the republic on Tuesday, presenting the election slogan “Restore order and peace to the Czech Republic”. He wants to be a president who tempers his passions.

Petr Pavel announced that he wants to run for president. | | Video: Radek Bartnicek

Pavel hopes to launch a tour of the Czech Republic in the coming months, collecting signatures from voters to solicit donations for the campaign. On Wednesday, the campaign will continue in the Worstie region, with plans to cover all regions by the end of fall. Since he wants to run as an independent, he should at least get 50,000 signatures. He has collected about half now. So far, he has received around 10.5 million crowns from supporters and sponsors on transparent accounts.

The government coalition Spolu (ODS, KDU-ČSL, TOP 09) is still looking for a general candidate for Hrad, Pavel confirmed today that he had spoken to its representatives. “I didn’t ask them for help. If they decided to help me, I wouldn’t say no,” he said. But he doesn’t want the possibility of a coalition government nominating him as a party candidate.

In the campaign, he plans to rely on his diplomatic diplomacy and experience leading an army. According to him, in difficult times, we need leaders who listen to different points of view and bring people to compromise. In today’s performance, he criticized the current political culture and wanted to change it. At Castle, he also pays attention to moral and ethical aspects. It’s not enough just not,” he said.

Petr Pavel has announced that he will run for president.

Petr Pavel has announced that he will run for president. | | Photo: Aktuálně.cz, Radek Bartoníček

Along with Andrej Babiš, chairman of the ANO movement, Pavel is the frontrunner in the election, according to polls and bookmakers. It is not yet certain whether former Prime Minister Babis will participate. He probably wants to announce his decision at the end of October. Pavel said his campaign would never influence Babish’s decisions. “If he runs away, he’s not an easy opponent. But if it were easy, I wouldn’t enjoy it and I wouldn’t even go,” Pavel said. rice field.

Other confirmed participants in the election include trade union president Josef Stochedula, former Chancellor Danushe Nerudova, Senator Marek Hirscher, and businessman Karel Janeczek, among others.

The opening of the campaign at Pisetska Gate in Prague 6 was opened by musician Anna Julie Slovakova, with Pavlov’s wife Eva on the mic. According to her, an opportunity has arisen for the Czech Republic to be led by someone who can represent it, navigate through crises, communicate with its people, and unite the country instead of overthrowing it. She also noted the potential to strengthen the role of first lady and improve the status of women and families.

Many guests who sat behind the lectern came to support Pavel. Petr Korash of the US, surgeon Pavel Pavko and economist David Malek arrived.


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