Gorbachev broke the liar system, it sounds from Russia. Some people regret the collapse of the Soviet Union now.cz

The death of Mikhail Gorbachev, the first and at the same time the last president of the Soviet Union, was described as a tragedy for Russia by Konstantin Kosachev, Deputy Chairman of the Federal Council and Senate of the Russian Parliament. While Russian politicians close to the Kremlin cite certain controversies about Gorbachev’s character from a Russian perspective, opposition representatives mostly appreciate the former president’s contribution to Russian freedom. ing.

Gorbachev died Tuesday at the age of 91 from a serious illness. “departure Mikhail Gorbachev A tragedy for the country and for all of us whose lives he could have changed for the better. quoted Kosachev.

The Russian senator emphasized that “it was Gorbachev who broke a system that was deceitful from the beginning and degenerated over time into something anti-popular,” adding that the late president was “otherwise our people.” “The past 35 years – it’s been a difficult road, but unlike the 70 years before it, we’re on the right track.” ” According to Kosachev, despite all the contradictions in the results of his work, Gorbachev deserves respect.

Leonid Slutsky, leader of the far-right and nationalist Liberal Democratic Party of Russia (LDPR), hailed Gorbachev as “the greatest politician of his time”, but for everyone born in the Soviet Union, “he was A historical figure that remains complex and contradictory.”

“Christian” Slucky regrets the death of a politician, but he feels sorry for the “great country” whose collapse began in the era of Gorbachev’s “perestroika” and “new thinking”. Soviet Union from the Political Map of the World”.

“Gorbachev gave us freedom. He gave freedom to hundreds of millions of people. Russia And around it and half of Europe. The freedom that has been given to us in Russia, how we have used this golden opportunity, is already our responsibility,” said Grigory Yavlinsky, leader of the smaller opposition Liberal Party Yabloko, according to Kommersant. Told.

Alexey Kudrin, head of the Russian Supreme Court and former Finance Minister, described Gorbachev as a great historical figure and author of Perestroika and New Thinking, Which Should Have Given a New Lease to the Country and the Whole World. praised as of life. “

“He was the first reformer in the modern history of Russia. To be at the forefront of the march to freedom is an excruciating task. In any case, he deserves gratitude for what he has tried,” said Irina of the right-wing opposition coalition. Former Co-Chairman Chakamada said. of Gorbachev.

The former chairman of the Human Rights Council under Russian President Mikhail Fedotov praised the late president for “returning Russia to civilizational development”. is Gorbachev, “the historical figure who kept mankind off the brink of nuclear war and stopped the world from being divided into blocks.”

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