Government intends to stop unlimited increase in energy deposits, Austrians say

According to Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman STAN Vít Rakušan, the solution to the energy crisis is not reliance on Russian gas, as wanted by the conveners of Saturday’s anti-government protests. The Austrian promised the government would explain its actions better and more simply: the cabinet, for example, wants to stop energy suppliers from increasing advance payments to customers without limits, he said. told CNN Prima News.

“The government will not leave people in need behind. It is doing its best. It will provide targeted assistance,” said the Austrian. There will never be anyone the government cannot and is not willing to help. The solution is not to make Russia more dependent on gas through separate agreements, as the organizers of Saturday’s anti-government protests demanded, but to separate electricity and gas prices at European level.

Opposition SPD leader Radim Fiala said the government had no solution to the energy crisis. He said a pan-European solution would not succeed, and even if it did, it would not have a significant impact on prices.

According to Fiala, the Green Deal, the EU’s plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, is behind energy growth. The Austrians did not agree to this, he said, saying that Russia’s attack on Ukraine and the resulting restrictions on gas supplies to Europe were behind the skyrocketing energy prices. This crisis would not have happened, he declared.

The deputy prime minister also said he would not downplay the fears of demonstrators that they would not be able to pay for rising energy prices and the associated commodity prices. “There is a problem with people who want to live politically out of fear,” he said.

Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) on Saturday explained that the call for demonstrations was part of a pro-Russian disinformation campaign. “But I doubt the rest of the 69,000 were rabid Putinists. They were people who were afraid of the future. Let’s take them seriously,” he said on Twitter.

The Austrians also criticized the Minister of Industry and Trade (STAN), Josef Sikera. “I have unequivocally criticized Josef Sikel, and that is that he has to communicate better. not only to the general public,” said the Austrian. According to him, Síkela can also come up with solutions at the European level.

A state energy trader is established

Meanwhile, Síkela (STAN) said on the Czech TV show Otázky Václav Moravec that he wanted to present a variation of the concept for setting up a state-owned energy trading company in the middle of government. We need to provide energy to the public sector.

Governments must choose the most appropriate solution. Síkela prefers to set up an agency that can entrust experienced traders in the market.

According to the minister, the country’s energy traders should be ready in the near future to provide energy to public institutions next year.

The Minister also announced the financing of the deposits required by energy producers to trade on the energy exchanges by Energetik a Purmislovy Holding (EPH) of Daniel Krzetinski and Pavel Tikaci’s Sev.en Energy Group. said it had approved the application for He did not disclose the amount of the debt.

The Ministry of Finance already backed the semi-state company ČEZ with a loan in July.They lend her up to 3 billion euros (over 74 billion crowns)


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