Government opposition has arrived at Wenceslas Square. They want military neutrality and cheap gas.

Just after noon on Saturday, people who had come to demonstrate against the government began to gather in Wenceslas Square. The event is scheduled to start at 2:00 pm. The protest called the Czech Republic in first place is a joint action of organizations, political parties and citizens opposing current politics and demanding change.

An hour and a half before the show started, hundreds of people had gathered.For example, representatives of the movement should speak SPDs, tricolor Also CommunistOrganizers expect up to tens of thousands of protesters to gather in the square today. Some who had already arrived brought banners and drums with inscriptions such as “Water boils for each pig.” The hall is equipped with a large screen and sound equipment.

“The goal of our demonstration is primarily the need for change to solve the problem of energy prices, especially electricity and gas, which will already destroy our economy this fall. premiere Peter Fiala, should be addressed, but unfortunately there is no answer.So we’re pushing this forward government Finished.we want her resignation‘ said Izzie Hubbell, co-organizer of the event.

Organizer demonstration They said earlier this week they wanted the current government to be abolished, the energy crisis to be eased and the damage repaired. They demand the liberation of domestic industries from dependence on foreign firms, military neutrality and, in particular, securing direct contracts with Russian gas suppliers at low prices. According to them, the Czech Republic should change the system of distribution and payment of electricity so as not to pay intermediaries on the stock exchange.

Former Chairman of the Chamber of Agriculture Zdeněk Jandesek or energy expert Vladimir Štěpán should speak at today’s event.they should perform according to event website Also, SPD deputy Izzy Kobza, chairman of the Tricolora movement, Zuzana Majerova, or communist presidential candidate Joseph Skala.

Police have prepared standard security measures in relation to the demonstration, Prague police spokesman Jan Daněk told ČTK. Hundreds of police officers monitor protests and other events taking place today. Participants of the 10th annual Prague Harley Days also visited Prague. This includes hundreds of motorcycles driving through the heart of big cities.


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