Half of Czechs, especially the elderly, expect worse material conditions this yearCurrent.cz

Half of Czechs expect their household’s material situation to deteriorate this year. This is his highest percentage since January 2012. At the same time, a new poll by the Center for Opinion Research shows that 51% of respondents rate her home as having good living conditions, the same percentage as she did a year ago. .

Last year, 22% of Czechs expected their material conditions to worsen. Therefore, their share he more than doubled in a year. On the contrary, 12% of people expect improvement, and more than a third of her nationals think their material situation will not change at all this year.

University graduates, young people under 29, students, entrepreneurs and self-employed people have more favorable developments. On the contrary, those 65 and older rate the prospects as poor.

Since mid-2016, about 50% of people rate the physical condition of their home as good. The exception is the last pre-corona survey in January 2020, when this share reached 55%, the highest since measurement began. Currently, 11% of Czech girlfriends rate their home environment as poor, while the rest of respondents choose a neutral answer.

Ratings improve as you move left to right along the right-wing scale of political orientation. Young people between the ages of 15 and 29, college graduates, students, entrepreneurs, the self-employed, highly qualified professionals or managers, voters of the SPOLU coalition or the Pirates and STAN coalition also raise their terms higher. I am evaluating.

The survey was conducted from May 14 to July 11, with 994 participants.

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