Hana Zagorova knew how to attract an audience, and she has helped me many times in my life, says Prokop | Currently

Her friends and colleagues remember the deceased Hana Zagorova. Singer helped singer Michel Prokop early in his career and also at a time when he was unpopular with the communist regime. She also went on to be his witness at the wedding. “We had a very good relationship,” Prokop says in an interview with Aktuálně.cz.

She sang with Hana Zagorova already in the 70s. How will you remember it?

I will remember her very much. Even though we were elsewhere musically, Hannah helped me a lot in my life. In 1972, when I walked out of all show business and refused to represent me, PragoConcert put me on its show. Although I warned her that I was persona non grata. Thanks to her, she also got into the Kytice v Semafor game. So these are two things I will never forget. And the third feature was that we watched the wedding with my wife. My memories are very personal. I respected Hanky ​​for her stances, including in 1989. I signed several sentences back then, even before that. I remember her as a woman I loved more than as a singer.

Already in 1973 you sang together, for example, the duet Léta ľaľ mou a, but the song will most likely be closer to you my dear…

Yes, of course. Baby, this is a traffic light song from Kytice, and as I mentioned, Hanka helped me land the role of Peter the Carpenter. Hanička sang in Vodníkov in the adaptation of Mister Jiří Suchý and Ferdinand Havlík. This is something I will remember very fondly.

What do you think about making her stand out as a professional singer? What did you bring to Czech pop?

Hanka was the type of chanson that I’ve known since her early days. Then there was a period, which I also worked with, when she had the ambition to sing classic pop music, but actually always had the charge of chanson. She also wrote lyrics, although not all of them of course, the ones she composed for had a chanson touch. Especially then, in the last period of her life, she returned to chanson, and that was her most powerful platform. I remember when we were on stage together, she had such a huge attraction, she could just pull people in, just right every time. Not everyone has that.

Do you remember the last time you saw each other?

It’s been a long time. Instead, I remember meeting Stefan Margueta, whom I saw recently. But we had very good relations with each other, though somewhat logically rare, because we were really different musically. But I repeat again, I really liked her as a person.

Which song from Hana Zagorova’s repertoire did you like?

Definitely all of her songs. I remember her first song that I recorded, it was before we started doing things together. At that time I was just starting out and had already sung the song Svatej kluk on Radio Ostrava. But then there are all those songs that have some kind of destiny in them, and that’s their chanson style.

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