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The Russian secret police FSB tortures and persecutes workers at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant. The Ukrainian employee’s testimony was reported by the British newspaper The Telegraph. The Secret Service wants to dissuade them from any possible communication with an International Atomic Energy Agency inspector who is due to go to the plant next week. I’m here.

The Zaporizhia nuclear power plant is Europe’s largest and experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are due to visit next week to find out the real situation.

“We are afraid of inspections. We are afraid that the Russians are planning to make some kind of provocation and blame Ukraine for it,” said a power plant employee who requested anonymity. An official told British newspaper The Telegraph that some workers were arrested by Russian police at home or on their way to work, he said.

“During the visit, Russia plans to minimize contact between factory employees and inspectors, and instead of them, inspections will be carried out by workers appointed by Moscow, who will ” Waiting for Liberation” will scream out loud. Kyiv rules, ”explained a factory engineer to the newspaper.

Employees are being hunted by the secret police

According to a man whose identity is known to The Telegraph, the employee is being tracked by Russia’s FSB secret service. “One of their methods is to take people out of the control room of the power plant and into the ‘basement,'” he said. According to the newspaper, the phrase “to the basement” is a colloquial term for torture by the secret police.

The man added that the plant’s management has kept quiet about the incident so as not to cause panic. It wouldn’t surprise me if they suddenly started saying what they were told,” he added.

Experts want to conduct a field survey at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant and find out the real state of what is happening around the plant. IAEA Director General Rafael Grossi said: “We know, perhaps indirectly, that the power plant was the target of the attack. Power supply problems are still ongoing.” The purpose of AEA inspections is to stabilize the situation, restore communication systems and ensure the continued presence of AEA personnel at the nuclear power plant.

Russia agreed to the mission, but according to Grossi, getting there would be a problem. It’s not easy under the circumstances.”

French Defense Minister Sebastien Lecornu and Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu also agreed on the importance of the visit. French President Emmanuel Macron also commented on the situation, saying he was “deeply concerned about the threat posed by Russia’s war on civilian nuclear facilities in Ukraine”.

Therefore, it supports the inspector’s mission in the shortest possible time. It was Macron who persuaded Russian President Vladimir Putin by phone that an expert from the Atomic Energy Agency needed to visit the nuclear power plant.

Before the war, more than 11,000 people worked at the power plant, which produced about half of Ukraine’s electricity needs. Shortly after the start of the invasion, he was occupied by Russian forces in early March.

The power plant was occupied by Russian forces, but Ukrainians are still in charge of operating the facility. Zaporizhia is not far from the front lines, and the area near the power plant has been repeatedly bombarded, raising fears of a possible nuclear disaster.

Ukrainian energy company Enerhoatom said it had been hit again on Saturday, adding it risked violating radiation and fire safety standards. said on Saturday. Both Moscow and Kyiv have accused each other of the shelling.

Two of the plant’s six reactors are currently in operation. But they were also cut off from the power grid last week after a fire in a power line leading to a power plant site, although delivery he was restored within a day.

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